New Pages: November 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

excitement and lassitude

in general things are a bit out of track these days.
Nothing wrong with that, since the reasons are all positive.
Sisters are here with the babies.
I feel completely out of working-mood.
These last 2 days I was late to work
But imagine you are waken up by a baby...isn't that cute?

many stories, but i'm too exhausted to write down.
ok put them into short sentences:
- babies around
- family gathering
- weekend by the beach
- new aqcuintences
- building network
- making work fun
- fully utilizing office facilities
- itchy eyes
- new baby vocabulary

Sunday, November 06, 2005

First Diving Experience

Nothing else…exciting!!!
Since I am only beginner, and I used my friend’s outfit [which is XL size!] the instructor wouldn’t dare to take me further then 10 m depth.
Difficult for me to control you, since the gear doesn’t fit you…

I didn’t find difficulties with breathing, thanks to yoga…
But I couldn’t equalize well…after 20 minutes I was partly deaf.
I couldn’t even be streamline…

First round was only about 7-8 meters, but next round was around 12 m.
Only 20 minutes but it gives me that addictive sensation already.

It is really great.

Sad thing is, now I know how dirty our sea is.
Next to anemon with Nemo kind of fish swimming here and there,
There was a sack of I-don’t-know-what, but let’s assume it’s a sack full of garbage.

Gee…who would like to have their house filled with garbage?

So many hopes and thoughts that we shared among us [Leslie, Dr. Handoyo, Ray, Medi and me] about what possible to be done on this situation.
Yet we always turned down every time we remembered how degraded the system in this country.. sigh…

I just can say…
Dive as much as you can, as deep you may go…see and discover what you cannot see from the surface, and one may become less proud of oneself.
At least…I hope…they would learn not to litter irresponsibly.

Sigh…I would like to go diving once again…and again…and again…