New Pages: April 2006

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

21:49 at office

what am I doing here?
...writing my blog after a while
it's been hard 3 weeks for me,
haven't dealt with urban design for almost 1,5 years give me difficulties to adjust with this office.
yes, eventually I am in Urbane, an urban-architecture consultant, which was having several projects with several international consultants before.

strange enough, i am not that busy, but still my working hours is extended to after hour.
free internet incentive? yah maybe...
the office has this automatic working record. so i have to be really efficient with time, but believe me, since i am a slow starter and dealing with the scale i haven't worked on for long...i think i've been working too long for a project.

well, take it or leave it.
i'm having 3 months probation, so if both sides don't fit in, end of the contract...lalala...

today I started with a competition.
at least I've found out the development strategy to propose, tomorrow shall come up with programming...