New Pages: December 2004

Friday, December 31, 2004


Nothing really special today,
Just got diarrhoea…
Might be caused the weather…it’s been raining four couple days.

Tell me something about marriage,
Do you have any clue what actually is it?
I mean, of course I know that institution,
But can you help me describe its difference with relationship before marriage?

Once I argued a friend that said status as girlfriend to wife soon changes everything..
What? Which changes? Scale of affection?

Tell me about it…convince me!
I doubt and become apathy towards what so called marriage.

What is the value of relationship then? If it’s should be reduced by what called marriage?

Of course, in whatever kind of relationship,
Before or through marriage, [read my lips…BEFORE TOO!]
These two people should melt their interest, characters, hatreds, dislikes, tendencies, minds and thoughts…or maybe not melt, but more on…discuss it.
Without taking them for granted, more with efforts…

But tell me…
Why is it become so difficult as people step into marriage life?
Why is it more troublesome to change ourselves for the sake of our partners?
Why more complains and questions to behold the relation?

Tell me,
I become less and less convince on this so called marriage institution…

Will we be able to stop pointing our fingers on the other part?
Will we be couraged enough to take a further look on our own changes?
Is it always easier to compromise during non-marriage stage?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


nothing is black or white...
greyish is what exists on this world.
How you measure sincereness?
How a person is not commodifying others?
How to read between the lines on TV news?

Being critical and paranoia are differed by a thin grey line...

when a person say
"it's for humanity"
does it mean
"it's for my popularity"?

nothing is EVER black or white
GREYish is...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Butterfly Effect

Yesterday I wonder if people do care,
If there is heart still.
Today seems everyone is making a little move,
Which collate into big rumble.

Within oneday a TV station has collected 26 million Rupiah [around 2.600.000 USD] for catastrophe in Aceh.
oh dear..what i meant was rupiah [that's not 'million'='milyard' but 'trillion'??ach damn, no wonder, sphixku misunderstood...]

Hereby I wrote down the post just incase you are moved to give a hand:
PT.Kompas Media Nusantara/DKK-Bencana Aceh
Bank BNI Jakarta Kota
No. 001-007-55555-1001
Bank BCA Gajah Mada

They also mentioned urgent demands of deadbody bags, medical gloves and clothes for the victims. In case you are around Jakarta, or thinking to post it:
PT. Metro TV
Pilar Mas Raya Kavling A-D
Kedoya-Jakarta Barat

I know most of us doubting the honest management and distribution of these helps. These address I posted are trusworthy national newspaper and TV station, and for Metro TV they claimed that all financial and material supports will be audited by Ernst and Young.

I know I can’t do much…

And none of us can either.

Just believe in butterfly effect.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Azië rouwt [?]

Mass graves are being dug even as families search desperately for missing relatives and soldiers recover bodies washed high into trees.
[BBC Online]

A friend in Shanghai sent me email, sounded worry she asked if I was ok, after non-stop news on BBC and CNN reporting earthquake in Asia recently.
A friend from Istanbul beep me thru MSN, asking same question…
An ex tutor did that last nite, out of Rotterdam.
I’m blessed so many people do care about me.

I am fine, dear friends….
My last two days blogs expressed it really well…while in fact now, I’m half feeling guilty—or should I say…indecently happy and jolly here in other part of Indonesia, while deathtoll of tsunami aftermath still not finalized.

Another friend out of Canada asked me, how do people react here, in Indonesia. Do they really care, or only government is panicking?
Stunned, I realized that as I am in Indonesia, I hardly hear any panic reaction nor chilling BBC description. We just know that it happens…but we have no idea what to do…

I wish I could do more than just watching news or reading newspaper…I wish I could…but tell me how?

The first reaction was only try to sms my friend who I know left for Thailand on 24th December with his girlfriend. I wonder if they went to Phuket, I hope not.
No reply yet.

Aceh Nanggroe has been place of riots and fights between tribes for years. Human life has no value any longer…and now, it seems underscored by tsunami.

Four thousands five hundreds people….

TU Delft Faculty of Architecture is crammed by this much of people….
and that’s the Tsunami aftermath [so far] in Indonesia…despite India, Srilangka, Thailand…Maldives…

Sunday, December 26, 2004

good food!

Makassar is full of good food...
My home is one of it
No wonder now my sis keep mentioning our weight...but as life is fun and food is wonderful....I'm carefree with my weight for now!

We had big dinner just now.
My Dad drove us [mom, my sis, my niece and my granny] to Apong for wonderful seafood.
I had the pics with me...and gosh, it's so so so cheap~!
sphinxku...i bet u'll drool hahahaha....

My sis and Vivienne will leave for Jakarta tomorrow, while today for the first time, I can handle my beloved cranky niece.
Oh I think I'm missing her already..

These first 2 days in Makassar were complete rest for me.
I slept more then 12 hours a day. NO EMBARRASEMENT!
i'm glad I did...
Now, I can't sleep...hahahaa...recharged again!

well well....

oh wow..

I'm just too full with seafood...maybe that's why

oh is just too good to be wasted...

you may drool....all for only Rp. 120.000,00 [at APONG] or around 12 eur....

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Gellukig Kerstdagen allemal

I'm in Makassar with the whole family...
it's fun...suddenly I feel completely relax.
Last night we spent our Xmas eve together, specially with my 97 years old granny.

As I said, Christmas is always fun.

mijn mama en papa [my dad's eldest sister and bro in law]

Mom prepared so many nice foods...

Christmas dish...Ayam Kodok [stuffed chicken]'s recipe since we were kids..

My aunt and uncle from Waddinxveen called, made me missing Delft.

Merry Christmas everyone...
I believe for love is still there inside each humankind, waiting to be released

vivienne's shoes, feeding Sinterklaas' horses...
exchanging with present...
ach, I wish I was 6 again...

PS: just finished a book by George Orwell,
"Animal Farm"...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas is here…

I always love Christmas, as most people do.
I’ll be in Makassar for 10 days, spending holidays with family, specially with my 97 years old granny.
In fact, she really made us going back home this time. She bought tickets for us! And just delivered it thru airmail woohoo!!!!
Last two days were busy to find meaningful yet pocket friendly cadeautje for my family…and finding out how Christmas has been super-commodified!

Last night was dinner with Santi and Eko at Atmosphere..more then fun. We had small dishes…and big pitcher of beer…
Long talk and discuss many things…Santi is doing research on Chinese Community in Bandung…interesting.

Remember the competition I wrote down before?
We are one of the 5 finalists and last Monday, we presented in front of the juror…
Anyway…today is the result announcement, we should attend the ceremony tonight thus I’ll go to Jakarta two hours from now!

Need to pick up Peter and Nani at Ruku [Rumah Buku] off we go to Jakarta.
Plan to pick up my ticket at Nat’s café [Mama café at Puri Casablanca] before heading Tanah Abang 1 No. 1, the City Hall. The invitation mentioned: Ronggeng I found nice article about Ronggeng... with Abang None Jakarta….oh my…we’ll see~

My flight to Makassar will take off at 07:10 the next day…yet I need to go earlier since I’ve changed my schedule from 23rd to 24th December [just to be able to attend the ceremony at CityHall...]

And phewwww…I’ll be soon indulged in 10 days vacation.

Geen sneeuw maar nog een mooie Kerst vacantie!

...the competition result

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


A friend and a teacher told me...
never attached, emotionally, mentally nor physically to anybody
If there's emotion it's fine..but with controlled amount.


are we human?

if yes....we have feelings, right?

then, where is respect?
or can a friend just be thrown away...

can a friend be justified as a person who you CALL not to LISTEN TO?

not emotionally attached...
but implying human value...

am I too much?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Payback time

First…I DID write something few minutes ago, directly on my blog site, but then by the time I was uploading, IE5 crashed.
It’s happened not only this time thou…

Ok, whatever.

I just back from my trip to Singapore and Kualalumpur and really looking forward to upload pictures and stories out of those days.

But, being away from office for 10 days, pile of tasks has been awaited.
Well yeah, it’s nothing like other people who works in office, from 9 to 5, but more on responsibilities I should take as one of shareholders of the company.

Sounds cool? Well maybe yes, maybe not.
Three of us; Victor, Robert and me; run this studio, for interior and architecture since year 2002, just couple months before I left for Delft.
Until now, thanks God, it still exists thou not in easy way, and believe it or not…we never really had a registered name for it.
Thus, last night we decided a name that eventually has been used informally by us for 1,5 years. Before it was only medio.
Now, since last night we have a name for it:

architecture and space planning

MEDIO is abbreviation of Media-Design-Studio with domain in interior, architecture and urban planning….

Sounds canny? Ah whatever…who can judge? We really believe in this, thus now we are compiling and making templates for our new logo; namecards, letter set, AutoCAD drawing layout templates, and company profile.

Meanwhile, my task on new city masterplan in Samarinda still awaits.

But, I’m telling myself to be discipline in making time for uploading pics from Singapore and KL, otherwise they will be expired and boring.

Thus…my life still juggles in this overcrowded world, and I’m happy with it.
In fact last trip has broadened my mind; seeing, listening and feeling new things.
Grab hold of passing train, and of course … should be the right train…!

veel succes met jouw examens, Sphinxku!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Wedding

the services

~may they'll be blessed by God~

I love the details of bride's gown

happy couple

Ina and Lisa, two ladies that were busy by me

baby's on board!

with Pak JW and Bu Maggie

another happy couple...super kocak!

another another happy couple

eat eat eat....

the gank of UNPAR, chief is in white shirt and grey hair...

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

look who's there too

erika suddenly showed up in the bus~

everyone over chinatown

Welcome to Chinatown~

a superclean chinatown...

Chinatown MRT, just loved the scene

waiting for the train to Dhobi Gaut; Das-Rizal-me, posing in our tired looks

Dhobi Gaut MRT station, they said, it's the most connected station in Singapore [according to Errol Ng, the guy from LRT]

Hospitality by Errol Ng

Hainam Chicken Rice, Errol treated us...

another hospitality treats from our host

superkid, taken by Jeff Hou

the infamous beancurd shop...

beer as closing ceremony

Monday, December 06, 2004

It was the first day, and we had dinner together at a marina...i forgot the name.
I presented on second day, so I did not drink that much, most of time listening to many others, get to know more people...interesting.

place where we had our dinner, chic~

Simon, Kigawa, Rizal and me

dinner table mates; only remember some of them: Goto is the most Left, and Das was next to me, next to Das was Craig

Sunday, December 05, 2004

First three-days with Twin Sisters

Okay...finally I can really write something from my Singapore-KL-Singapore Trip...
on the first part of my stay in Singapore, most of my time was with Sari and Shanti, until Sari left for Delft on 5th of December...

It's fun...I stayed at Shanti [Sari's twin sister] and Eko House.

Here I posted some pictures....with short notes...[am I too lazy or what?]

House where I stayed on the first 5 days, it is Sari by the corridor

The family where I bunked in, Eko [the Daddy], Santi [the Mommy]-Sari [the Aunty]-Sari and Santi's Mom, and Tirta [the little baby]...I couldn't find Judi picture...the eldest boy.

Boat Quay: It was girl's day out...we [Shanti, Sari and me] went to BoatQuay for a drink or two, and chitchat...
nice revitalisation project...but too steril in my point of view

the Twins, can you tell which is who?
it's underpass from a metro station...reminds me of metro station in Paris and Rotterdam....what a big difference...but if you talk about city life...dirtiness is part of it...combined environment.

sari and me at BoatQuay...taken by Shanti

Shanti, Sari's Twin Sister, in close up

Ah I found him is he, Judi [from Judishtira] with his Daddy, decorating Christmas tree...I love Judi's curly hair

Friday, December 03, 2004

mixed feeling

things happened.
as time continue to move on.
nothing stand still.
even me.
sometimes the ambience is just too fuzzy.
makes me tipsy...

things occured.
while no one can stop them.
not you, me or anyone.

things are gone.
and there's empty space here.
what to do?
how to replace?

but memories remain.
like it or not.
no exact time when to come.
just give tipsy feeling.

but not blur.
crystal clear
with a certain mixture.

what to do.
how to judge?

the ambience is just too strong.
different for each place.

but this time it is just too strong.

yet clear.


["hoe en waarom?"onophoudelijk vragend het het verkeerd?]