New Pages: April 2005

Friday, April 22, 2005

Cleaning Up

Since two days ago my house is painted. The whole interior is on project. Now the time is coming for my study room to be done, too. I was trying to pack all books—and knick knacks—in that room, and found out…it’s too much!
This house has been inhabited by 4 peoples before. My eldest sister, second sis, and my bro. Thus, thank to all their ‘inheritances’…which I feel as a trespasser to just throw them away. Now, after all those years, particularly after 2 years abandoning this house, I need to gather all my energy to clean this 3x4 metersquare room, make it ready for repainting.

I just successfully packed 3 boxes of books…only books. And there are still twenties—I hope—of them; exclude those old books from college...even highschool~
In addition to that, my bachelor degree final project maquette. Well yeah…too romantic to keep it, right? But everytime I remembered that it took me—plus Victor, Peggy and many other friends—2 sleepless night to build that, I feel so irresponsible to dump it.

Uh oh…

Victor once said that I am good in throwing useless things—believe me, he is much more nostalgic type on useless articles than me—but, still….

It might still 5 to 7 days ahead till this entire repainting project done.
Can’t wait to see the whole picture of my house…

The 50th Asian African Conference has started since today in Bandung. Government redecorated streetscapes along the route where those leaders will do the sightseeing.
Well in one way it is nice, some part of Bandung all of sudden became extra clean, unfortunately 70% others are still neglected…
Better not rain, otherwise they will see how badly our entire drainage system.

I found this picture done by Moga, entitled Patchwork Market...
those colors just enchant me~!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The 265th Pope

Habemus Papam

within 24 hrs they've found the new Pope.
He is Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a priest from Germany.
As a Catholic, I'm thankful for that...
thou after reading his profile, he looks like a conservative hard liner...
But isn't it unfair to give early judgement?

God knows...what will be the best in His way
Willkommen zum Papst Benedict XVI

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Hatha Yoga

Today was my first yoga class.
It was slow movement and breathing can make you sweat!
I just know that I'm not that flexible...
but well, it was my first class...
2 hours, once a week...
gonna be a new excitement.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

...and I regret it...:-(

Sunday, April 10, 2005

20th World Youth Day 2005

I heard this just this morning from Mbak Pras.
Browsing for the official website, I got this link.
It will be in Köln this coming August....
She told me that it might cost around 1300 USD, that's alot.
For the matter of fact, it reminds me of Taize last year...
and above of all, it triggers my yearning on Europe.

hmm...1300USD is alot.
But it's gonna be lots of fun!
Now there are India and Köln on the list...

So Wolfgang, are you coming? I checked it's only 209 km from Heidelberg, not that far..isn't it?

another quake at Padang.
The epicentre of the quake, which had an estimated magnitude of 6.7, was about 120km (75 miles) south-west of the city of Padang, officials said. [BBC Online]

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Vrijwilligerwerk..which I enjoy

this is Nias...I'm not allowed~for now~to join the surveyor team...
wait till they have proper WC
ok..I know, we-females-need extra sanitation on certain degree [on certain period of time]...
over there recently they even have no enough water for shower.
a bit dissapointed yet I don't wanna be anybody will just stay here, for awhile.
but they make me feel as if I'm too girlie to join the team, puleeaaassee!

it's Charles-Camilla bigday, I found strange those sins-admitting things~ yet anyway, I guess they found that nothing after 35 years holding themselves...consider what they've passed within those years...Isn't it great, to embrace marriage?

Friday, April 08, 2005

found this map on Today BBC online, mourners q in Vatican. Pope John Paul II was buried today.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Driver

It is now a week with blocked nose.
Yet I still survived to be my Mom’s private driver in Jakarta…and in Bandung too.
No frowning face thou, I enjoyed my 4 days full of driving in Jakarta.

1st day:
from Bandung to Jakarta, stopped by Taman Anggrek, indulged myself in not-expensive hair salon, just to make me look fresher. I need that, after 4 hrs driving with blocked nose and ears. Then off for a meeting at Universitas Tarumanegara.

2nd day:
picked up my Mom at airport, around 8:15 her plane landed. Then, directly to Serpong, to see my uncle, mom’s 5th brother. Afterwards, we went to Mangga dua, still nice, since I was driving for the 1st time to that place, it’s always amazing to explore new routes. Accompanying my Mom do her purchasing means more then 2 hours strolling around.
Around 17:00 we off to Nat’s house at Puri Kembangan, believe me, I really understand now what they say as ‘live on the street’.
Thanks to the technology called ‘mobile phone’ otherwise I might have lost my way!

3rd day:
slower…we went for the exhibition of food and beverages. We means: my Mom, me, my uncle and aunty, another aunty, and 3 cousins. Later my sis, Nat, joined us.
Nat left earlier; rest of us continued to have fully-decorated-12-flavors-ice cream at Café Batavia in Jakarta Kota.

4th day:
left to Bandung, but first we visit my Dad’s 2nd sister at Perumahan Kosambi, then off to Serpong. On the way to Bandung—using a newly found route through Highway Bintaro—we stopped by several shop houses…Mom was looking for nice places to buy…as if…
Route to Bandung was clear, fortunately. We reached Bandung around 17:00
I really enjoyed my driving days

Mom is always a mom, and Daughter is always a daughter, no matter how old you are. If you know what I mean.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Life and Times of Pope John Paul II

With all my respects to the Fighter of Human Rights, Love and Peace.

peace be with you, Pope John Paul II
Leaves to see Jesus, 2 April 2005, 21:37 Vatican time

Praying for a wise person to continue his works


It’s late but I’m glad I’ve finished the presentation.
It’s a crash project.
I met this guy named Herlambang, he helped us with calculation for a bridge steel construction and now a steel house construction. He is a steel specialist civil engineer, but with superbrain in computer programming.
He has designed several program for steel corporations, and just now he designed a GIS based program named Geotrace® .
Before, he only did that for Road and Bridge Management System, but after some short discussion with me, I suggested him to make a comprehensive networking system, that able to sychronize all data from each governmental institution [of a city] that deals with Urban Planning.
For instant, Town Planning Department, consist of Water Management, Road and Transportation Management, Housing, etc. In the other Departments, there are Land Department, Data and Statistic Department, etc etc. Each of this department work separately, and everytime people like me needs a integrated data, we should run from one place to another to look for data that sometimes, we even not clear what and how to get it.

Hmm…maybe sounds complicated, but in fact, all these ‘non-spatial’ informations are centralized on one single topographical map, the city map. The difference only, they are separated into layers. Thus, why not combine them into one computerized system, where this system can integrate and synchronize all these information into a visualized map?

Well, since I initiate that concept [which actually has been applied in many countries], I should prepare the powerpoint presentation.
Darn~ I’m not an expert in GIS, and I am clueless with all these IT terms. But whatever, there are always first time.

Trying so hard to find the right name for the System: ended up as: Urban Geotrace® Database Networking System_ I hope it makes sense, figured it out around 23:30, with sorethroat and blocked nose…lucky enough, my brain didn’t refuse to work overtime.

Phew that I finished it.

But, extra sore throat is the price. I should be ready for this Monday, since I need full stamina to drive alone to Jakarta.

Sari called few hours ago
Good to hear her positive voice again. Always wish the best for her.
Even now, I haven’t found a friend that I can talk to like her.

This afternoon I called the bakeries where I sell my Kaya Jam, Kriste; only one sold out of six, Victoria: all five are sold out. Haven’t checked Tante Loan, will do that tomorrow. Quite happy about that, good enough for a beginner, at first I was so afraid that noone will buy them, and found out they are still there, good Lord, I’m still blessed.

Noticed I’ve posted three cartoons out of
I love the site, so many choices and you can just type down the keyword, so handy….and fun!

Sergio told me just now he had a hangover...haven't got one for months, catching colds instead, somebody can supply me good wine? I missed Beaujolais Nouveau... November still long way to go!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Dreaming of India

Got an email, a closed friend will get married in Delhi this June.
Haven't been to India, and should be wonderful to attend traditional Hindi Wedding, specially it's my dear friend's wedding.

He doesn't allow me to spread this news, but whatever...
hopefully none of those who know him read my blog...


Dreaming of India...
crossing my finger
and counting my saving...ugh~