New Pages: September 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

3.10 AM

ít's almost two weeks now.
after started working on a project in Jeddah together with EDAW, our office has been 24 hrs active.
if people work 9 hrs, thus I have 9 hrs rest(let say 3 hrs breakfast, lunch, dinner; 2 hrs shower and get ready; and 4 hrs sleep), 13 for working...most of it I spend in front of computer...

lucky enough I have a great team.
they work even longer hour than me.

today supposedly the final wrap up session of this 1200 ha city center development on old airport district in Jeddah.

believe me, it's been hard yet exciting times...
mood swings and stressful moments.

I wonder how they will find our results.