New Pages: January 2006

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

D+3: new year resolutions

it's third day in 2006 now, but still ok to wish you a Blessed New Year!
have you had any new year resolution?
well I have some, but not that exhibitionist to pour them out to public hehe...
but one thing for sure:
Workshop in Makassar on September 2006.
that should be accomplished!
Together with Pak Diaz, Valen and Onggo from Puskit (Pusat Kajian Indonesia Timur) we plan to hold a workshop and seminar on September about Urban Renewal of Makassar Historical Center.
Not to be overambitious, we still plan to collaborate with other universities in Indonesia. Let say, UGM Jogjakarta and Itenas Bandung...

But for sure, Prof. Hattori will support us as well. He plans to bring his students on September to join this workshop. isn't that great?

from 27 to 29th December 2005 I spent my days with Sari.
It's been a long time not seeing her.
Lots of things to catch up with. She is doing a wonderful research on Menteng and Kebon Kacang District in Jakarta: changes and dynamic of the colonial area after modern infrastructure came to these areas.

30th. driving to Bandung, early morning, traffic was mild. at nite Victor's family dinner(s) started.

31st. still with Victor's family gathering at his newly designed and constructed house in Dago.
1st January was having double big meals. lunch with his family again at Sindang Reret and dinner with friends, an all you can eat bbq!

after those days I feel constipated.
nvtheless, I feel happy for this vacation. It is a real vacation.
the weather is good, even in Jakarta.
and this morning I got email from Takata that she'll arrive on 13th in Makassar. great...that means I don't have to move my returning date to 10th. Initially she planned to arrive on 10th, which means I have to be in office on 11th...
13th is Friday, which means I still have time to spend more in Bandung...

gosh, tell you something
Makassar is great coz I have a job and family there.
but I realize now that I really miss Bandung.
It is a city of events and activities.

Several resolutions have been set.
Let see how's God makes my days in this year.

ah above all resolutions I have, this is the most important one:
learning to let go and believe that God leads all the way!

Happy New Year friends!