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Monday, August 29, 2005

that is also fine

guess what i've just finished reading last nite.
Harry Potter: the Half Blood Prince.
I've never into Harry Potter before, until I went to Dallas in January last year, had nothing else to do, we [parents and me] watched my sister's Harry Potter movies collection.

and just two or three weeks ago, Sachiyo left the book on my table. A present she said.
Thus after being left idle for some weeks, finally I read this book.

so I the only thing I remember is Dumbledore, Snape [thou I only remember how he looks like, and who actually he is], of course Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Well is no longer children story. The last two chapters in fact are freaky! Rowling's description on Inferi are too details, and the way Snape avada kadavra-ing Dumbledore is too much.


not recommended for under age children

Japanese Female

This morning I got a 'present' from Fujino san,
he handed me latest Time Asia, with page divider.
It is a manga cartoon, entitled When No Choice is a Good One: A girl's guide to finding happiness in Japan.

I couldn't help giggling when I read the cartoon. I don't think it is merely matter of Japanese female, it is all around Asia due to globalization vs local gender issue.

On the cover of this edition is Japan's Future with the picture of Mika Noguchi, a lingerie entrepreneur and mother of four.

It is nice thing to read. both encouraging and discouraging, in some extent.

choose what you like, it's your life anyway :)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

looking serious

yep, looking serious


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

kleine sophietje, dochter van Peter Dom en Audrey Jo. Hartelijk Welkom!


remodified my blog appearance...
just to keep me awake
everyone is still welcome

Who am I?

That was how Wei Hui ended her “Shanghai Baby”, where Coco is in confused wondering what is actually she’s been pursuing, what is her aim…who actually she is.

In the latest book I’ve read by Susanna Tamaro, an Italian writer, it can strongly sense the ambiguity, dilemmas and mixed emotions of young women.
The book title “Va’dove ti porta il cuore” (Follow your HEART) is actually not the sentence Olga (the grandma) address only to her granddaughter, but also to herself during her time of crisis, or to Ilaria—her daughter who died in car accident—if she had had time to reconcile their mother-daughter relation.

And that what she is trying to pursue in this book. Reconciliation with her granddaughter—and herself—before her death comes to her.
This book is a female novel. Not to confuse with romantic, love story type of novel. Yes, it has some romances, some lovestories, but above all it shows the dark sides of women’s hearts.

Once Olga was in conversation with a Germany Jesuit brother—the one she describes as not an ordinary priest who usually just saying soft words, pretend to be wise and encouraging. This brother dares to offense her; challenge her to move out from her dark side, during their walks on the hills.

“every heart is partly shaded and partly shined”
“what a person can do is to avoid staying too long in the shade”

Olga started to learn what she wants in her 40s.

Just like Elia faces in the story by Paulo Coelho, The Fifth Mountain, there are always times of indispensable condition. Olga found out her marriage was dull, her husband was in love to his bugs more then to her. She was in love with Ernesto, the doctor of hotsprings. She gave birth of a girl, not from her husband, which then got killed after knowing her real father.

These indispensables can either bend ones aim or sharpen it. But above all, ones should have an AIM first.

Gnõthi seauton—know yourself.

Without understanding, knowing myself…can I just state my aim? Can I give my assessment towards the problems surround me? Are my complains valid?

Do you know who you are?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

491 houses were burned

It’s happened on 1st of August, almost two weeks ago at Kelurahan Cambaya Kecamatan Ujung Tanah, northern Makassar. But until yesterday I haven’t heard any further reconstruction activities taken by public sectors.
Thus today I decided to visit the location.
It is a fisherman village, not far from Paotere traditional port.
It was 9:30 in the morning, I tried to meet Pak Lurah [head of village], but he wasn’t around, thus I went directly to the location, accompanied by one of the inhabitants.

The houses were really closed to one another, it’s looks like a shanty-town, divided into two locations: landed houses and ‘rumah panggung’[elevated wooden house] which stand on the sea. The condition is really bad. 90% of their houses were burned. Leftover of elevated houses are only burned columns. Size of each house is approximately 5x6 m2 at most.
Those who lived in ‘rumah panggung’ should stay in temporary tents, while those who had landed houses have better condition, since there are still walls to cover from heavy sea-wind.

Most of their occupations are fishermen, some of them are Tukang Becak [similar to rickshaw] that unfortunately the Becak has been completely burned, only burn frames left behind.

After seeing around—I felt bad, when one of the victim said “kaya’ kebun binatang saja, dilihat-lihat…”. I tried my best to communicate with them, but his reaction is understandable.

I went to Pak Lurah—he was there finally, managing the donations and distributions to the victims—and tried to talk with him.
From him I knew that Dinas Pekerjaan Umum [Public Works Dinas] has started the measurement and will start the reconstruction as soon as possible.
In the meantime a person who introduced himself as one of the consultant from P2KP [Poverty Alleviation Program in Urban Area]
I understand they must be suspicious, what the heck this Chinese woman thinks she can do?

MArI! is a NGO that is established by some architects in Bandung with special interest on reconstruction of post-conflict/disaster area.
I am part of them…and we are still new.

The reason why I went to Cambaya was—and still is—to see how we can help them if there is no continuation for their settlement reconstruction.

I feel desperate sometimes; when I realized one Yuli cannot do much.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

To Live is To Choose

read: The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho
*Sphinxku, I haven't read the Alchemist, this is the first Coelho's piece I've read*

what can I say....

there are so many meanings in this book, but there is one underline:
To live is To choose, therefore we are human.
We are granted freedom to choose.

Another recommended book from me.

Monday, August 08, 2005

double happiness

chinese letter that is usually shown in wedding ceremonies.
It is comprised of two letters that means: happiness.
When they are combined, they are: DOUBLE HAPPINESS
the goodwishes for newly wed couple.

It is not the first time I’ve played role as listener of other’s marriage problems.
But for Japanese, it was the second time.
Our conversation was on ‘gender equality’ for Japan in particular.

He then mentioned the case of income disparity between him and his wife—which means his wife earns more—I don’t think it is a problem from him if vice versa.
*She works harder, back home later, sometimes even drunk.

*Maybe you should have kids?
*I once wanted them badly, but now…I doubt to have any.

Flashing back to my conversation with Sachiyo.

*Japanese guys are mostly childish.
That is her statement.
Still in somewhat similar issue: female position in Japan.

*Most Japanese men require housewives,
who’ll stay at home and raise their kids, doing laundry and cooking.
Their cares and obedience nevertheless won’t promise them loyalty from their husbands whenever those guys are outside Japan.

Do you know how actually most of those Japanese guys’ attitude at night?

I smile.
*I don’t know

*So do their wives. They don’t know, or maybe they just pretend not to know.

Returned to my conversation with this Japanese guy, I tried not to be bias.

He was still telling me stories how his wife hates house works, like cleaning, laundry and doing dishes.
*She prefers her job.
But then he added quickly…
*Nevertheless, it is difficult, you know, to survive and keep up financially in big city like Tokyo without both of us working.
*Yes, same in Jakarta and most of all big cities.

Then, if there is any statistical record on divorce number in big cities compare to secondary cities, do you think it will show this tentative hypothesis that divorces are caused by urban life pressure?

I told him, it is hard for me to tell which is right or wrong, and it has been hard enough for me to be convinced by marriage institution…
I don't think it is something to do with Japanese or non-Japanese, as long as courtesy [I won't say is utopis] still exist, wouldn't it possible to diminish those marriage issues?

Saturday, August 06, 2005

[healthy] karaoke

that was request of Sachiyo, our expert in GIS and landuse planning.
Well, I agree...I told her I know a place called "Happy Puppy" chain family karaoke place.
We talked it over lunch last friday, with Tsuge san and Higashi san...
*no, I can't
* Tsuge san replied with regretted face
*as you know...* he addressed that to Sachiyo.
Later I knew that he promised other team member [uhm..a lady] to escort her to a party.
* know Yuli, Mr. Tsuge is always happy to escort Ms. Ishiwata*
Sachiyo is a kind that always pulls other's leg...

[after a study team meeting, with hard debate between Sachiyo and Ms. Ishiwata...]

*Yuli, tonite is set. Tsuge san has cancelled his appointment*
with teasing face...

[I was rushing here and there to collect some documents I've promised for Sachiyo, she needs to update her mapping, Tsuge san came]

*Has Takata san told you?* Takata san is Sachiyo
*oh yes...what's happened with THE party?*
*I said NO*
hehehe..with evil face... something wrong with Ms. Ishiwata?

[we decided to invite Mr. Okada to join us...he is my boss, our boss]

*Yuli, you told him* Tsuge san is throwing responsibility!
*NOOOOO You do it!*

[whispering, he told Mr. Okada over the plan, listen this...]

*oh btw, it is a HEALTHY Karaoke*
huahahahahahhaha......HEALTHY means without escort ladies [got my point?]

so after that, all set, meet up at Comfort Hotel on 8 PM then off to Happy Puppy.

[room 22]
Mr. Okada ordered mostly Indonesian songs, no wonder he speaks nearly perfect Indonesian!
He has nice voice too.
*maybe you can change career bout joining Indonesian Idol*
*ahhhh....AFI will be great*

AFI is somekind of talent show, just like Indonesian Idol

Tsuge san is kind of serious guy...but with microphone in his hand....he becomes different person!
Since he speaks Mandarin, he sang mostly chinese songs...

Sachiyo joined most of all songs....

I lost my voice, after "I Will Survive"

oh....another team member was there, too. Go Kimura, but he was extra quiet that sometimes I forgot he was there *oopsie*

[2 hrs passed]

*hei it's stopped*
*add another hour*
* long as you promise to drop me first before return to hotel*

we would go home with taxi, I don't prefer to use taxi alone at nite in Indonesia.

it was fun, amazingly I could see there's something between Tsuge san and Sachiyo...
yeah rite, Sachiyo was teasing Tsuge over Ishiwata issue...hehe...somehow I found them just like my highschool friends hehehe...

Those Japanese...they were so different at nite!

[00:15 AM]
*sometimes HEALTHY Karaoki is good, but I need UNHEALTHY one, too*
that was Tsuge san remarked before we left room 22.

finished the Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo...children story, beautiful.