New Pages: June 2006

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Taman Ganesha, just right in front of ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) there was where I had my 2nd breakfast...I love the scene...

the asphalt has turned into white after migration of birds flock...

My First breakfast (believe me, I got 2 breakfasts...woohoo) Bubur Ketan Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk and brown sugar) on Jalan Ganesha...the old man told me that birds have been migrating to that area, and it's been so long that started to make him worry. He asked me about the bird flu possibility, unfortunately I don't know anything about that...

sunday morning on Jalan Taman Sari

early bird gets everything!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

where is this?

even most people who live in vicinities-I believe-never be aware of its existance.

at northern tip of Jakarta, this area supposedly a wetland protected by Law.

as I stepped in I can hear birds chirping...and I felt sucked into different cosmos.

It's not Jakarta. really.

thanks to Oky to let me getting involved in this pro bono project.

If you happen to have time, just pass by, try to step in and enjoy by yourself.

It is Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke, you have to get into Pantai Indah Kapuk Real Estate first, then you'll find the place.

a Pecinan coffee wanna be

I always have BLACK COFFEE without sugar,
but why this.
Once I went to island with my uncle and his friends.
one of his friend runs a traditional pecinan (hoa kiao) coffee shop, and he prepared a coffemix a la pecinan.
they offered me but I politely refused, since I have always had my coffee straight black.
They insisted and I tried.
...and that was so good.
a perfect blend of best coffee from Makassar and Condensed Milk, boiled perfectly!

Hard to find it everywhere,
I found a quite similar taste at Hainam Coffee shop on Jalan Serui, Makassar
*why Hainam? explanation to come*

and now,
at least Nescafé offers something taste similar to that Pecinan coffee...
not too sweet like previous Nescafé 3 in 1 and Indocafe coffeemix , or anykind of coffee latte, or koffie verkeerd where proportion of milk just too much.

Unfortunately Nescafé missed something.
I ran thru the composition (ingredients) and it doesn't mention anything on type of coffee bean it's made of.

maybe that's not the priority. It even contained of coffee flavor! what's that!!!

well, at least, if i miss that Pecinan coffee, I still can have a fake one...

*about Hainam coffee shop, my 99 years old Granny told me that in old times, most of coffee shop at corner of blocks were opened by Hainam (certain district in China) family. My Granny is a Hainam, but she was a teacher...

...a day for me...

it's just a day for me.
wake up in a very good mood.
finishing things, without rushing...
having just good breakfast...
cream-bathing while reading articles, finally i managed to finish, comment and quote parts of the articles.
having just perfect home made lunch...
no TV!!
went to a district I haven't passed by for months after Paspati Bridge was erected.
meeting some friends..
go home, checking emails
finishing another assignment without rushing...
now, after i don't know how long, I managed to have virtual pet, reading my friendster, and write down on my blog.


I have a new Pet!

my pet!