New Pages: October 2005

Monday, October 31, 2005


ladies, what if your boyfriend costs more body treatments than you?

HAIR Don't think of it as another dang thing to wash, think of it as your crowning achievement. A top stylist can match your looks with your locks, and tell you how to maintain order between oil changes.
  • Haircut with highlights $200
  • Hair wax from Gatsby $7

EYES The mirrors of the soul can flash mixed signals. Make sure yours say, "I'm youthful, detail-oriented, and have two perfectly symmetrical eyebrows."

  • Moisturizing treatment to reduce puffiness and crow's feet $60
  • Eyebrow trimming kit from Shiseido $13

FACE Because death masks tend to startle the living, you'll make a better impression if you minimize the damage caused by years of neglect and overexposure to the elements. Do we have to say it again? Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate. And if that doesn't work, spackle over intransigent defects and surprise eruptions with foundation or concealer.

  • One-hour facial $95
  • Hydrating lotion by Shiseido Men $26
  • Foundation by Somang $16

BACK Hey, hey, we're not monkees! Have those hairy, overgrown grounds on your pecs and delts "manscaped."

  • Hair removal $60

CLOTHES Not since disco days have men had so much sartorial leeway. Skim fashion mags for ideas, seek out a personal shopper, but stay within your comfort zone. Clothes are supposed to make you feel confident, not embarrassed.

  • Leather wolf-fur jacket by Versace $6,147
  • Silk patterned shirt by Versace $643
  • Mock croc belt by Versace $203
  • Zipper pants by Versace $779

HANDS A German once said that "God is in the details."He probably had pristine cuticles.

  • Manicure $50

ACCESSORIES An outfit without bling is like a Mercedes without a hood ornament.

  • Silver necklace and rings $140

FEET Women judge men by their shoes, which seems shortsighted (why are they looking down there, anyway?). But if you are a wingtips-on-workdays, sneakers-on-weekends guy, you are, in fact, boring. Step out in something new. And keep those toenails from protruding!

  • Mid-calf boots from Gucci $702
  • Pedicure $65

GRAND TOTAL: $9,206 (thank you very much..!)

from In The Salon by Bryan Walsh (TIMEasia)

*I am more convinced to pamper myself this weekend*

Sunday, October 30, 2005

cakes cakes cakes...

Helping my Mom to prepare those ordered cakes,
around 90 of them...
amazing ya?

I found that my headache was suddenly gone.
I think it was a good therapy after too much of computer.

\(' v ')/

Saturday, October 29, 2005

an apology

to all friends in Singapore that I failed to pay a visit or phonecall while I was in Singapore...
I am truly sorry...
and won't give you any excuse for that...

*maap ya, tidak ada tujuan untuk menomerduakan siapapun*

Friday, October 28, 2005

Yiwen Zhu

she is a friend of mine.
she was class mate during my MSc programme in Delft.
a shy and quiet lady, but extraordinarily amazing.

I've put her photo diary (that's how she calls it) weblink on my side bar, but still I wanna put more of her captured pictures on my blog, specially for her.

I love the way she explores the viewpoints.
check these for examples:

but above all, I found her really poetic, since the first time I knew her.
I become more and more convinced after seeing her debut photo on her website:

all pictures above are courtesy of Yiwen Zhu

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


what is your weakness and your strength.

Hmm...tough one. Never had such question before.

I know it is just part of ordinary interview questions.

Was on a job interview yesterday.
three inteviewers, and I was located as if in a judgement hall.
Highly formal.
Two foreigner, one Indonesian.

I tried my best to be my self.
Hard enough...with a blocked nose and bubble moving to and fro my nose and stuck in my brain.
I was under Flu medicine, too. Completely out of focus.

but this particular answer stays forever in me.

at night i have problem with sleeping.
Severe headache and fever.

But still I was thinking. What is my weakness and my strength?
I mean truly...I never really think about it.
I've done so many S-W-O-T analysis.
but never on myself.

Weakness and Strength are just like 2 sides of a coin. They can be flipped in certain condition.

had some Asanas before went to sleep.
Sweated all over. I tried to sleep....

the question is still unanswered.

I didn't get the job. But I'm happy to get the question.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I am so illiterate...sigh~

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Singapore Documentations

10.10.2005. Day Time. Visiting Elders at Jervois Rd.

11.10.2005. Day Time. Kiung's Bday at Jervois Rd.

Top: Cie Lily, Bday Cake from Furama Hotel, Piao Ie Pie Chen and Akiu Oe
Middle: Papi & Cie Wenny, Birthday Banner, Polonaising
Bottom: Piao Ie Saw Pie and Mom, Kimma Kiung, Piao Ie Pie Ing & Kiung

12.10.2005. Day Time. NUS.

met Mr. JW. The best teacher still.
Had lunch with some other friends...(Imran, Erika, Eko, JW)
having a coffee to go.
and here where I got to know with this cute little invention to carry your coffee to go.
Originally Singaporean , JW said.

13.10.2005. Day Time. Arab Street.

Lunch at Maemunah. I have never had cheap lunch in Singapore before. This is good.
Interested? You can go directly to Jl. Pisang, Arab street area.

Santhi ordered to go for Eko. the foods are superduperdelicious! Maemunah RULES!

13.10.2005. Night Time. Le Meridien Basement.
Updating each other with our most recent stories. Well, maybe in between them they've updated. They now live in Singapore, work and being housewife. Sanny in her 7th mo pregnancy. She still looks chic as usual. They happy husband still as notorious as before haha...I mean he couldn't help keep teasing his wife. They look happy.
Fanfan just broke up, well, but he has all the potentials for being an eligible lady killer (haha)

It was good laughs with you guys!

L-R: Ina, Sanny (a mom to be!!), Indra, me, Lisa, Ardi, Fan-fan

this is the eligible single oriental male with income and manner.

...but purchased two BRIDES mags??? what tha..

14.10.2005. Night Time. Santhi's and Eko's.
I've promised I'll cook them dinner before I left.
Thus Risotto with seafood was the menu.
one of Eko's collection was opened. "Las Vascos" a chilean wine. Baron de Roschild

Afterwards, my sweet tongue was craving for dessert.
Thus Santhi and me went down to the shop @ basement looking for ice cream and anything that can make good dessert. I picked chocolate Pocky.

It was normal ice cream with pocky and Porto...yumm...

look at Yudi's begging face with eyes on Pocky hahahaha....

15.10.2005.Early Morning. off to Indonesia.
I have no snapshot during the return trip. Too lazy.
Got myself beancurd for breakfast I rush to immigration and found good place to seat and having my beancurd.
Starting to miss them.
Here is picture of Tirta, Santhi's and Eko's 2nd boy.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

end of vacation

ok, it is (or was?) five days leave I took from the office.
Great, went to singapore, originally for 3 days family gathering and some other stuff for my future life.
Yet, seems I've been in Singapore only for having fun, fun, fun.
good...since I got emails already on next things to do at office.

Now trying so hard to type this blog faster,
using free internet at Changi and only 8 minutes left.

Will post some pictures

Saturday, October 08, 2005

funnily absurd. A movie for those who don't wanna think too much. (cute sketch!)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend Thoughts

Temper Switch
If you are ‘your own self’ does it mean you own all your inner and outer entities?
Body and soul,
Emotion and logic,
Thoughts and acts?
Is it something like having an on-off emotional/biological switch that is completely under your authority?

Better Job
Define it, please.
Higher salary? Good working environment? Enjoyable assignment? Completely new place? Travelling all around the world?

Choices or no-choice
Which one do you prefer most?
Choices with only one way ticket.
No-choice…no further explanation needed

Is it really a critical age for female?
If a female choose to embark on another life at this ‘critical age’
Is there any possibility to be back to the comfort zone?

How can you get and maintain it forever?
--without being accused as a snob.

Simple word, most unlikely to be performed.

Boys Don't Cry for bedtime story.
Not a wise decision...good movie, wrong time.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


*(more then) stupidity

Today, officially the gasoline price is increased, almost twice then normal.
It is indispensable, I may say, since everybody knows the world oil condition.
Nevertheless, the government try to implement some low-end policy.
It is super short-minded one.
Today too, they distribute the compensation money (read my lips: I.N..C.A.S.H) of gasoline increased price, to so called poor people.
From TV I learned that they registered these people per Kelurahan (Sub-District) based on BPS (National Statistic Agency).
Most Indonesians (or foreign researcher) who have dealed with this agency know how unprecise the BPS data is. (isn't it ふじの?)
The vice president had interview with local so called poor people, and he kept laughing on their comments.

another sad things....

Bali has been blasted again.
It was just an hour ago.
If you read Indonesian, go to :

Shall Indonesia mourn once again?

bodo-bodoan, kaya' pembantu lempar-lemparan cabe!!!!