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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Another Friend

Nicky and me at Central Park, early morning in February 2004

I just got a phonecall this morning, from a far distance friend. He is a friend I’ve known since I was in university, well in specific, it was during our internship in Sanur-Bali, around 1997 if I’m not wrong.
It is always nice talking with him, a kind of ironic and sarcastic person, yet uplifting and fun.
He left Bandung earlier then me. I think it was year 2000 when he left to Baltimore for a job. And until now, he is still stuck there… I right, Nick?
Having interest on same issue must be the reason why we click and easily talk to each other. After he left Bandung for job, I had not met him till this year in February, when I went to States to see my new baby niece in Texas and on the way back to Netherlands I stopped over in New York.

Well, I was on my own trip, and he was only 4 hrs away from NY.
In fact, I was successfully drag him down to NY just right after his working hour that Friday. Hahahaha….well, he has promised me that he would see me while I was in New York!
So it was 4 years after he left! We talked till 3 AM hahaha…seems soooooooo many things to talk about.

Since couple days before I was in dreadful working dilemma and suddenly this morning I was thinking to talk to him, since I always feel convenience to discuss our ideology-reality conflicts with him. Thus, having his phonecall was a big surprise~

He was curious also about my life here… After all the dilemmas I faced on my last few months in Europe, I think it was really nice of him still consider how am I doing right now.

While writing down, I know I’m sounding too sentimental …hahaha…..well, whatever, I’m happy and grateful remembering how lucky I am, to treasures friends like them.


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