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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cadeautje vanuit Delft!

I just back from swimming in the morning, couple minutes ago, found a package from Delft on my table...!!!
it's from my lovely YinFang....the Taiwanese girl, my ex-neighbour at RolandHolstlaan, my Italy trip partner and my friend's girlfriend...

Want to know what is inside?
1. CD Keane: Hopes and Fears....we both love this album....we were even trying to search on internet, and ended up finding other Keane...
2. My Favorite Tea!!!! Pickwick Evening Breeze....i love it, i love it!!!
3. a very sweet card...with her handwritings on it of course....

Do Xie Yin Fang, Ni Dai Hau Liau....hehehehhe....
Thanks dear....I am really really super duper Happy!!!
You make my day!!!



Blogger sphinxku said...

it's always nice to receive a package from the land far far away~~

12:12 AM  

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