New Pages: Dus Terug Naar Werk~

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Dus Terug Naar Werk~

Back to work and all sounded-busy-things-to-do

Yesterday, Monday.
Started my day emailing peoples, applying for grant from GASS3, hoping I can get one…well at least to reimburse my travel cost to Singapore.
Booked my ticket to Singapore, will pay tomorrow.
And started working with Senen Analysis on computer…darn, I was so slow, I guess I haven’t recovered from last week vacation mode…
In the afternoon I went to TAC [Transforming Asian Cities] spin-off exhibition in ITB [Institut Teknologi Bandung]. Long story behind it…and I don’t have any mood to talk about it…
anyway...Angga asked me to take some picture, this is one of it.

Then I was introduced to Yann, the French guy who has been in Indonesia for one year. He is doing his internship now for 4 months in PSUD-Bandung. He was in UGM for one year…I think as exchange student.
Thus, no wonder he speak Indonesian fluently.
Conversation was serious topic in the beginning, bitching on Rem Koolhaas…well…it’s normal within architecture students…
After awhile I think he got bored—so did I!—talking serious things…after introducing him to more friends, Oky and Peter were around too, we had better conversation…and within minutes he could claim me ‘bitchy????!!!” what the heck…!
Soon he tried to explain that bitchy was equaled to provocative….
Deu…ok ok…whatever.
Then I sent him to CCF [French Cultural Center], on the way he was complaining and telling stories about his life in Indonesia…I guess he loves this country [instead I said I don’t like Paris after he said Parisian is not smiley…oh btw, he is Parisian…hehe]

Went back home…I was tired
Went to sleep really early

Today, Tuesday.
Chatting with Sphinxku. Was really bouncy at the beginning, until an unexpected email came, and turned the mood up side down. Darn~ [in Sphinxku tone]
I wish I could be there for her, sometimes life is funny,
As you are not longing for something, it will hunt you…
But as you start liking it…it will turn you down…

Victor came around 10:30 AM, it was raining outside [Bandung started to rain again…thanks God!], we went to carpenters to order window and door frames for a house in Dago. Then further, went to building material shop, checking for prices.
Afterwards, lunch.

Was busy the whole day with kompetisi Senen. Trying to figure out something…suddenly SMS from Oky, Peter just found something useful for the competition, he asked to meet after IAAU meeting this afternoon…
IAAU MEETING???? I didn’t know that!
Well long story, but then after several confirmation, I knew the meeting for Alumnae reunion arrangement, would take place in campus at 4:30 PM

Went to campus for meeting.

Discussion with Oky and Peter at Q, we are heading somewhere…but still waiting for digital map, they said tomorrow it will be there. Gaaf!

Meanwhile, remember the postponed project? The newtown in Samarinda?
Guess what, they [the municipality] asked to finish the interim report within this December….damn! they postponed to May, and now they want it again on December???? Am I Houdini or what?