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Monday, November 15, 2004

Een paar minuten voor morgen~

Once people told a little girl that she has problem in making decisions. She tends to break down a supposed-to-be-conclusion into more questions to answer, “you make things complicated! What’s the difficult to make choices? At the end it’s for you to choose!”, that’s what they said. Then it was ended up they valued her less. She felt as strange person, mislead, and again…she was questioning, “why should I stop my consideration, how can I change the fact that every single thing in this world bears a butterfly effect power? As for,” she continues on wondering, “…me, their saying for sure give me certain influence…”Will she stop questioning?

But never mind, let leave that girl with her own thought for now…
Well finally I finished my paper for GASS3, the one that I’ve been having hard time to complete—out of a ‘failure’ I’ve made…or, may I give a bit compliment to this failure as…as unfinished project?
That means I will definitely fly to Singapore for the symposium, well I should! I’ve paid, thou I haven’t bought my ticket…
Then should I go to KL? I really want to…I haven’t seen Malaysia before…and I’ve heard too many about Kuala Lumpur, one of the most exciting cities in Asia.

Simon will get married on 11th in Singapore, and the symposium will be ended on 7th. I don’t prefer to stay too long in Singapore, it’s shopping season and I’m pretty sure it will be too crowded over there…so maybe…between that dates, I’ll just stroll around KL for some snapshots and nice foods of course!
Wooh…travel plan always excites me!

And today…my sis, her daughter Vivienne and my bro in law, Wie, arrived for a 5 days vacation in Bandung. Jakarta life seems stressed them a lot…well maybe Vivienne has nothing to be stressed on, but I bet I have never seen her laughed her brain out like today, before.
They arrived around 8 AM and it was only 2 hrs driving from Jakarta [it’s normally take 3 hrs in minimum and 5 hrs when it’s really jammed]. Amazing, but reasonable. It is suikerfeest [Lebaran] today, end of Ramadhan, most people—well Moslems—stay at home with their families and acquaintances, so street were empty.

They looked happy as they arrived here, must be the weather as well. It’s nice weather, not too hot or too cold, and there’s morning breeze. So it’s wonderful.

They were so tempted to sleep; well that’s what I always feel after hectic weeks, catching up with schedule. So here you are, I have their picture…enjoying their sleep ;)
*ugh don’t let them know…they’ll hang me upside down hahahha…kidding*

Tomorrow, well today maybe…or is it tomorrow, but never mind…what is it in the date, rite?
My brother will come too, he’ll arrived in train station around 4:30 AM, so I promised him I’ll pick him up, but let see…well…a promise is a promise, isn’t it?
So I was most of the time accompany my sis and bro-in-law eating…woohoo…picture that!
I better watch my food, cause I’m like a balloon easily inflate…

And I end my day watching DVD…what a life…isn’t it?
Well recently, I’ve watched 2 movies…as for me; I got a kick out of them!
The first one was Monalisa Smile [the setting was around 1950s]… I like the whole idea, those for today, It’s the other way around. So many females are pursuing what they want, until at the end… in fact, it seems they don’t know what they are pursuing… ever watched Ally Mc.Beal? Well she is one of those surreal creatures…
While the second was Big Fish…well, don’t laugh me if I just watched it now! At least I did watch finally!!...hehe..
I love this movie… I love the whole thing, the story…the pictures…the actors…those stories inside this story…what an exciting life he’s been living on! I love the way he approached a problem, by introducing himself without prejudices towards the issues he confronted. [well, no one would like to be identified clearly sometimes…in order to reduce connections and can easily dismiss themselves…tell me if I’m wrong]

But out of the main role, I found one thing significant. Sandra. The love of his life. Well, as in the story, Ed is always away for business, every couple weeks. Amazing how she always be there, and truthfully keeping in love with him. In fact if I may say, if only Sandra wasn’t there…the whole stories will never there. Well, she did her major role in the whole scenery!
Anyway…I’m babbling.

But one thing I know from both of them is determination.
Have you ever so clear on what you want to do? No…isn’t it? There’s always condition where you were put into comparing condition, where there are so many destinations but there’s only one way ticket.
Yet, it seems there’s no less fun in each of those destinations, thou the journeys might be different, it just how we want to make it fun, extraordinary, fun and exciting life…

Isn’t it?

I’m babbling again….

Time to sleep,
Thanks for reading…
Tot andere keer!


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oh so 'sing' = Singapore? I thought you were going to 'sing' (as in lalala~) in the symposium..

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