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Monday, November 01, 2004

l'age de raison

should you blame yourself if you reason on things?
well yes if it stop you from moving forward, or at worst...drag you down to drain.

that's why I've decided to delete all my past blog-postings
too many issues attached me from move on
drag me back each time I want to leap forward.

this is a brand new page..thou they still remain in me and sometimes bounce to surface just to tickle me a bit.

it just the phase of life where people questioning theirselves, i believe.
as i believe also God creates things with their own times.
so, why should I bother if this is the moment for me to take a step back, rethink then buried them deep down..and go for new pages.

life is waiting...

and today i still believe,
each moment is created to form a person.
and here i start continue to the next chapter.


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