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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Lazy Week...

When did the last time I wrote my Blog?
Well anyway, I’ll just pack my—or may I say, our national—one week vacation, due to Eid [Suikerfeest or Lebaran] last Sunday, 14th November [D day]
Oh I did write something in between those days didn’t I?


I went for discussion with Peter and Oky for Senen competition at Rani’s house. Her parents weren’t around. They [Rani and others] prepared they own meal, canned fish with soya bean, canned minced pork, lap chiong, ham and rice…I arrived around 3PM.
The road were sooooo empty, nice...i love the traffic!

D day

my sis and family came, I’ve written something bout that. Well there’s nothing on in the city, due to this big Moslem event. It’s normal.

vivienne, my sis [nat] and wie


Bandung: View from Sierra Cafe and Resto

hmm..what did I do…oh I drove at 4:30 AM to station, picking up Norman. On the way I almost hit 2 persons…!Good grief, nothing bad happened, I think I was still half asleep. Afterwards I continue my sleep, the weather was mild and it’s lazy environment… At nite went out with Wie, Nat, Vivienne and Victor to Sierra…we needed to q up to be seated.
Jakartanese were packing Bandung.


went to CiWalk with Wie, Nat, and Vivienne and Hasnah…what a day. The baby loved that place a lot I supposed…she was running all around, poor Hasnah tried so hard to catch her up!

Hasna and Vivi at CiWalk

At first we planned to go out for dinner, but it was too late and everyone was tired after long day at CiWalk…

hehe…well we started our day quiet late…around 11:00, having lunch at Nyonya Rumah before CiWalk.
The traffic was cramped! Every 10 cars, there were around 8 Jakarta’s cars…


atmosphere cafe and resto

them at niece loves to pick her nose....!!!

I’m not really sure what I did in the morning, all I remember at nite we went out for dinner, Nat, Wie, Vivienne and Norman at Atmosphere…nice place, pity, we ended at wasted space, next to the kitchen…since almost nice spots were reserved…I supposed those people from outside Bandung….


after news from radio, traffic at Puncak [village on the way back to Jakarta from Bandung] was jammed, totally stopped.
FYI, Puncak means Peak…so the roads are steeps and meandering…
my Sis was worrying already, they planned to go back to Jakarta early in the morning next day. But for today, we went to Lembang, just a ‘village’ 1,5 hrs driving from home…also cramped with cars…Jakarta cars hehehe….

posed after tired running around in Lembang [ photos by Nat]

Some incidents happened…well you know, kids…they sometimes become cranky, insist their wishes, and cry when those wishes not granted. So inside the car, environment was a bit tense…My sis wanna go to buy some more cakes for presents…the shop is nearby office, I decided to walk to office and buy some breads for Victor. Robert and Deny were around too…
Norman left at 7PM for Semarang, he should start his placement at Obgyn section this week [from this Sunday]… will be a tough one as he said…
Budi sent Norman to the station. Everyone went to sleep early, cause my sister and family would leave really early morning.


oh...I miss her! [ photos by Nat]

They left at 3:30 AM! Gosh….
All of sudden, house was so quiet, no Vivienne’s screams and talks…no sis and bros stroll around…strange…
But Susan came with Susilo [her husband], they were lucky coz the traffic was much milder then previous days. We went out for lunch and again…CiWalk…gosh….I started to get tired with this place. Oh ya…we went with Susi of course, she was Susan’s roommate in Delft…[both of them were in Delft with me, they left also this year]

Susan with Susilo at background

Dinner at Susi, her mom cooked perfectly, thanks Tante…enak banget sate bloranya…mau lagi dong….they have great innercourt with lots of plants….!
Afterwards we sent Susi to Semarang, her cousin’s would get married the next day [Saturday]…then three of us [Susan, Susilo, and me] had some jagung baker at Dago…hmmm nice..
Both of them felt tired, they also should attend a wedding next day [that’s why they came to Bandung]…


Senen meeting at Ruku [Rumah Buku; Rani and Oky’s bookstore…nice place with great collections] at 9AM…at midday Andre [another friend from bachelor] came, we went for lunch at Q [Rani’s Café…gosh she runs lots of things!]. Then Victor came along, afterwards Edo…woohoo, he became more wealthier [hahaha…on the size of belly]

He asked me to cut his hair…hehehehe….well…I haven’t done that for long since I came back from Nederlands….I should admitted, the result not that good….shame on me…I hope Edo was not upset….hehehehe…. sorry, Do, but you are naturally handsome, so no worries hahahahaha….
Late afternoon, went to BSM with Victor…met so many friends! Pri and Maria, Jane [Victor’s classmate since kindergarten and my schoolmate in Senior High School], Tata [well, she soon become superstar, she and her bros just launched their album. The band named NUMATA…cool!] and later on the way back…we met Toma and Yenny, they will get married on 19th December.
FYI, there’ll be three weddings on this day, Toma-Yenny, Ekoy [Victor’s best friend] and Oek, four of them were in the same batch with me in University…

thus, everyone releases their single life….


Sunday….long day, but nice. Went to church early in the morning…started at 6 AM.
I dunno why, I was having anxiety attack. Was suddenly so nervous and reminded with many things that I want to forget…
I supposed Victor felt that, he was asking me during the service, but anyway…didn’t wanna discuss the stuff I’ve left behind…need to move on, don’t I?

Craving for Chinese Porridge…but the place we used to go had gone…and we don’t know where is it now. So was driving at 7:30 in the morning, looking for open porridge kiosk at China district… finally found one..the restaurant called ‘Eleven Seven’ huahahahha….corny…
But the porridge was good…
Went back home, I back to sleep, woke up at 10 doing nothing….having lunch at Istana Plaza…

I got a lovely present!!!!!!

At nite we had small barbeque in the office…it was on Robert and Cherry’s treat [long passed birthday]
Nice, Agus was there, and Robert’s girlfriend, Esti, too…

Went back home at midnite. Tired, went to sleep….

End of the whole week vacation, next day would be normal day again…busy street, school kids, and works.


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