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Tuesday, November 02, 2004


la question urbaine finally in my hand!!!!
thanks to my sweet dear Sari, a precious friend i miss alot....muach muach, thanks darling!
though it's only copy version [well, sorry Mr. Castells, they make it so difficult for me to get the original version...], and only part one [Sari made her effort to copy till chapter four, that's magnificent!] but it's really pulling my enthusiasm again to continue on my paper...

well, ok, and another finding on AI works...i've struggled the whole nite to refine a DWG work in AI...and it was so damn slow for my's hard work...
then just in the morning, granted such a big blessing by God, then suddenly a new finding just help me manage to compact a whole nite work in couple hours...hehe....well....nothing is useless, whole nite effort finally leads to something...

ok, that's for now...ach..magnificent!

merci beau coup Sari!