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Monday, December 27, 2004

Azië rouwt [?]

Mass graves are being dug even as families search desperately for missing relatives and soldiers recover bodies washed high into trees.
[BBC Online]

A friend in Shanghai sent me email, sounded worry she asked if I was ok, after non-stop news on BBC and CNN reporting earthquake in Asia recently.
A friend from Istanbul beep me thru MSN, asking same question…
An ex tutor did that last nite, out of Rotterdam.
I’m blessed so many people do care about me.

I am fine, dear friends….
My last two days blogs expressed it really well…while in fact now, I’m half feeling guilty—or should I say…indecently happy and jolly here in other part of Indonesia, while deathtoll of tsunami aftermath still not finalized.

Another friend out of Canada asked me, how do people react here, in Indonesia. Do they really care, or only government is panicking?
Stunned, I realized that as I am in Indonesia, I hardly hear any panic reaction nor chilling BBC description. We just know that it happens…but we have no idea what to do…

I wish I could do more than just watching news or reading newspaper…I wish I could…but tell me how?

The first reaction was only try to sms my friend who I know left for Thailand on 24th December with his girlfriend. I wonder if they went to Phuket, I hope not.
No reply yet.

Aceh Nanggroe has been place of riots and fights between tribes for years. Human life has no value any longer…and now, it seems underscored by tsunami.

Four thousands five hundreds people….

TU Delft Faculty of Architecture is crammed by this much of people….
and that’s the Tsunami aftermath [so far] in Indonesia…despite India, Srilangka, Thailand…Maldives…


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