New Pages: Butterfly Effect

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Butterfly Effect

Yesterday I wonder if people do care,
If there is heart still.
Today seems everyone is making a little move,
Which collate into big rumble.

Within oneday a TV station has collected 26 million Rupiah [around 2.600.000 USD] for catastrophe in Aceh.
oh dear..what i meant was rupiah [that's not 'million'='milyard' but 'trillion'??ach damn, no wonder, sphixku misunderstood...]

Hereby I wrote down the post just incase you are moved to give a hand:
PT.Kompas Media Nusantara/DKK-Bencana Aceh
Bank BNI Jakarta Kota
No. 001-007-55555-1001
Bank BCA Gajah Mada

They also mentioned urgent demands of deadbody bags, medical gloves and clothes for the victims. In case you are around Jakarta, or thinking to post it:
PT. Metro TV
Pilar Mas Raya Kavling A-D
Kedoya-Jakarta Barat

I know most of us doubting the honest management and distribution of these helps. These address I posted are trusworthy national newspaper and TV station, and for Metro TV they claimed that all financial and material supports will be audited by Ernst and Young.

I know I can’t do much…

And none of us can either.

Just believe in butterfly effect.