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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas is here…

I always love Christmas, as most people do.
I’ll be in Makassar for 10 days, spending holidays with family, specially with my 97 years old granny.
In fact, she really made us going back home this time. She bought tickets for us! And just delivered it thru airmail woohoo!!!!
Last two days were busy to find meaningful yet pocket friendly cadeautje for my family…and finding out how Christmas has been super-commodified!

Last night was dinner with Santi and Eko at Atmosphere..more then fun. We had small dishes…and big pitcher of beer…
Long talk and discuss many things…Santi is doing research on Chinese Community in Bandung…interesting.

Remember the competition I wrote down before?
We are one of the 5 finalists and last Monday, we presented in front of the juror…
Anyway…today is the result announcement, we should attend the ceremony tonight thus I’ll go to Jakarta two hours from now!

Need to pick up Peter and Nani at Ruku [Rumah Buku] off we go to Jakarta.
Plan to pick up my ticket at Nat’s café [Mama café at Puri Casablanca] before heading Tanah Abang 1 No. 1, the City Hall. The invitation mentioned: Ronggeng I found nice article about Ronggeng... with Abang None Jakarta….oh my…we’ll see~

My flight to Makassar will take off at 07:10 the next day…yet I need to go earlier since I’ve changed my schedule from 23rd to 24th December [just to be able to attend the ceremony at CityHall...]

And phewwww…I’ll be soon indulged in 10 days vacation.

Geen sneeuw maar nog een mooie Kerst vacantie!

...the competition result