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Tuesday, December 21, 2004


A friend and a teacher told me...
never attached, emotionally, mentally nor physically to anybody
If there's emotion it's fine..but with controlled amount.


are we human?

if yes....we have feelings, right?

then, where is respect?
or can a friend just be thrown away...

can a friend be justified as a person who you CALL not to LISTEN TO?

not emotionally attached...
but implying human value...

am I too much?


Blogger D. Tunas said...

Are you all right?

9:40 PM  
Blogger sphinxku said...

never attached? but how?
we are naturally social being..

i agree we should all be independent.
but at some point in life whether it is work or relationship, you'd be "attached" or depend on somebody; a customer, a boss, a lover, a friend, whomever..
and what would people like to call that? Kiss a**?

4:33 AM  

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