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Sunday, December 05, 2004

First three-days with Twin Sisters

Okay...finally I can really write something from my Singapore-KL-Singapore Trip...
on the first part of my stay in Singapore, most of my time was with Sari and Shanti, until Sari left for Delft on 5th of December...

It's fun...I stayed at Shanti [Sari's twin sister] and Eko House.

Here I posted some pictures....with short notes...[am I too lazy or what?]

House where I stayed on the first 5 days, it is Sari by the corridor

The family where I bunked in, Eko [the Daddy], Santi [the Mommy]-Sari [the Aunty]-Sari and Santi's Mom, and Tirta [the little baby]...I couldn't find Judi picture...the eldest boy.

Boat Quay: It was girl's day out...we [Shanti, Sari and me] went to BoatQuay for a drink or two, and chitchat...
nice revitalisation project...but too steril in my point of view

the Twins, can you tell which is who?
it's underpass from a metro station...reminds me of metro station in Paris and Rotterdam....what a big difference...but if you talk about city life...dirtiness is part of it...combined environment.

sari and me at BoatQuay...taken by Shanti

Shanti, Sari's Twin Sister, in close up

Ah I found him is he, Judi [from Judishtira] with his Daddy, decorating Christmas tree...I love Judi's curly hair


Blogger D. Tunas said...

Hei yultje
Apa kabar, how are you in this festive season?
We had some parties already and a couple more still to come. Wish you were here. Tonight, dinner at Diego's and Dirk's in their extravagant apartment.
Natalan = wild Brazilian party
Tahun Baru = wilder Brazilian party.
Both without my hubby. How sad !
Many more glasses of wine to drink. Hope i can keep my head clear (mostly though). haha
miss you darling!

9:38 PM  

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