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Sunday, December 26, 2004

good food!

Makassar is full of good food...
My home is one of it
No wonder now my sis keep mentioning our weight...but as life is fun and food is wonderful....I'm carefree with my weight for now!

We had big dinner just now.
My Dad drove us [mom, my sis, my niece and my granny] to Apong for wonderful seafood.
I had the pics with me...and gosh, it's so so so cheap~!
sphinxku...i bet u'll drool hahahaha....

My sis and Vivienne will leave for Jakarta tomorrow, while today for the first time, I can handle my beloved cranky niece.
Oh I think I'm missing her already..

These first 2 days in Makassar were complete rest for me.
I slept more then 12 hours a day. NO EMBARRASEMENT!
i'm glad I did...
Now, I can't sleep...hahahaa...recharged again!

well well....

oh wow..

I'm just too full with seafood...maybe that's why

oh is just too good to be wasted...

you may drool....all for only Rp. 120.000,00 [at APONG] or around 12 eur....


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