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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Payback time

First…I DID write something few minutes ago, directly on my blog site, but then by the time I was uploading, IE5 crashed.
It’s happened not only this time thou…

Ok, whatever.

I just back from my trip to Singapore and Kualalumpur and really looking forward to upload pictures and stories out of those days.

But, being away from office for 10 days, pile of tasks has been awaited.
Well yeah, it’s nothing like other people who works in office, from 9 to 5, but more on responsibilities I should take as one of shareholders of the company.

Sounds cool? Well maybe yes, maybe not.
Three of us; Victor, Robert and me; run this studio, for interior and architecture since year 2002, just couple months before I left for Delft.
Until now, thanks God, it still exists thou not in easy way, and believe it or not…we never really had a registered name for it.
Thus, last night we decided a name that eventually has been used informally by us for 1,5 years. Before it was only medio.
Now, since last night we have a name for it:

architecture and space planning

MEDIO is abbreviation of Media-Design-Studio with domain in interior, architecture and urban planning….

Sounds canny? Ah whatever…who can judge? We really believe in this, thus now we are compiling and making templates for our new logo; namecards, letter set, AutoCAD drawing layout templates, and company profile.

Meanwhile, my task on new city masterplan in Samarinda still awaits.

But, I’m telling myself to be discipline in making time for uploading pics from Singapore and KL, otherwise they will be expired and boring.

Thus…my life still juggles in this overcrowded world, and I’m happy with it.
In fact last trip has broadened my mind; seeing, listening and feeling new things.
Grab hold of passing train, and of course … should be the right train…!

veel succes met jouw examens, Sphinxku!