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Friday, January 14, 2005

een kleine werld

As planned, I left Bandung for Jakarta at 7:30 AM, by train.
Looking for my seat, I found I sat with a lady, long black hair and looks mobile.
Haven’t got my morning caffeine, thus I ordered black-coffee.
I asked to make sure, that they wouldn’t put any sugar in my coffee—I just don’t like black coffee with sugar.
When my coffee came, the meal that lady ordered was served as well.
Suddenly she asked me why I bothered to ask coffee without sugar—then I know she was in Germany for quiet a time, since she had that habit too: black coffee no sugar.
Ok..well, I was in Netherlands for 2 years, I explained, but since before I’ve loved my coffee without sugar, unless it’s cappuccino or iced coffee; yet I’m not used to order them.
Who knows black coffee no sugar could keep us talked until we reached our Gambir?
And what fascinating is she was a closed friend of Pak Daud Minwari, a teacher of mine in university, and a good friend of Victor’s Dad.
During our conversation I found her ‘bijzonder’ instead of only unique and special, she is also easy to talk with any topics, foods, works, carpentry, interior, management, etc etc…
Reached Gambir at exactly 10:15, Ce Nat was there with Vivienne. My cute niece had never seen train. Captivated, she kept asking her mom, and later her dad, to take her go by train…Believe me, it’s not easy to keep her away—even for awhile—when she is fascinated by something.
Around 11:00, Ce Nat drove me to Bina Musika at Kyai Tapa. Andrea called me to meet him there. It’s a music school owned by this attractive lady, Neneng. Later on I knew for Andrea that she is around 40 something!!! Her appearance really deceived me, what an gorgeous woman.
I was chit chatting with Andrea for a while, it’s been long since I left Delft. Then 12:30 PM we left for an appointment with Kandi at Taman Anggrek.
What surprised me to meet Andri over there too. I thought he was still in Hong Kong. Oh.. He is a friend I know from Andrea and Sari, one of their closed friends in Leuven-Belgium.
Had lunch at Nando’s, talked here and there, then we waited Pak Jo for couple …errr… hours…
But it’s worthed. The discussion was an enlightment. We made scheduled to meet again this coming Wednesday…that means I will go again to Jakarta!
It’s afternoon, around 6:00PM.
Andrea had appointment with Neneng at Chianti Resto at Mega Kuningan. I just joined him. Oh btw, he gave me a bottle of Torres, my favorite Spanish red wine. He also brought the last piece of Urban Question copy Sari has made for me…thanks darling!
Hence, I got some chance to talk for awhile with this lady. She is fun, has so many to talk about. Makes people easy to involve in the conversation.
She is also the owner of that Chianti Resto.
I ordered Mint Tea, and she ordered Tortilla for us. Frankly, I was completely full when I reached there.
I’ve promised to stay overnight at Susan’s place, in Kelapa Gading. So after emptied my cup, finished my tortilla, I excused myself.
Neneng had arranged taxi for me—what a compliment!—after several bye bye and cheek to cheek kisses, off I went to Kelapa Gading.
It was Friday, and rush hour, so it’s expected traffic jam.
Was ok, I put my most confidence look—as if I know the way to that place—to ease my mind from all that freaky stories about taxi in Jakarta.
Then after around 45 minutes—it was quick!—I reached Susan’s house.
Susi was there too, companying Susan while Susilo—Susan’s husband—was in other town.
We had a lo~ng talk just like before, from work, life, stupid incidents, food, illness, our mutual friends, etc etc.
Later we moved from living room to Susan’s room, while waiting for Eka, Susi’s brother—why then this blog sounds complicated?—around midnight, her mobile rang, it was her brother, outside the house. He was just back from meeting old friends.
I was in my pj so I refused to go out and greet him, I just waved to him when Susan opened the door.
‘Tomorrow morning, I greet you properly~’ I said jokingly.
I checked my mobile, was sending several SMS to Sari, asking for her condition, and answering my Mom’s SMS.
After short talked with Susan, I was lost in the conversation…as usual, fell asleep.


Blogger sphinxku said...

ahahahah.. confidence face on a cab in JKT! I actually had never taken a cab by myself in JKT. I used to take the public transportation. If I jumped into a cab, I dragged my dad with me since he knew the street. Once he picked me up at CGK and the cab driver was trying to fool us. My dad new about it and complained. The taxi driver insensibly reversed on the highway and I thought he was going to kill us all!!

12:37 PM  
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