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Sunday, January 02, 2005

eind van een lange rust

It's the last day of my stay in Makassar.
Tomorrow my flight will be at 10:55.
I bought some coffee for office in Bandung; Oky and Nani asked some, too.
Also mom's cookies [chocolate chips and sultana...], four jars of them...
Lucky enough I didn't bring too much goodies from Bandung to here,
since everytime I went back from Makassar, my stuff is always doubled.
Oh..another nice things, Mom handed me her hip vintage shoes...
too bad in computer here I don't install Hello! so no picture for now.

thus, after church this morning, I was trying to pack everything into my tiny suitcase...
and voila~ I made it...
Well, there are still a pack of selai kaya [also mom's recipe] and my toilletries. But they will manage...

Ugh...vacation is almost ended...heading working days ahead.
Goodie, after long rest, I think it's time to heat up again.

uh oh...just remembered...Tante Dien asked for gogos...hmmm..should find way to pack them in as well!

werd opgevuld, Ik moet sommige van dit gewicht nu verminderen


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