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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Gellukig Verjaardag Mommy!

I’ve set my alarm at 5:30 AM. It’s my Mom’s birthday. I called her, she sounded happy. Her café is in a local newspaper, one page news, entitled “Kafe Mama Utamakan Makanan Sehat” [Mama Café: Healthy Food as Priority]. The news is a blessing for her café. Daily income was increased significantly. Good, I’m happy for you Mom!
I fell asleep again, then I heard Susan came in, I woke up. Went out, greeted Eka—as I promised—and took shower.

Susan was preparing breakfast and snacks for our trip to Bandung. Susan was going to attend her friend’s wedding, while Susi and Eka returning home.
Around 09:30, Susi’s back from her office family day.
10:30 something, we left for Bandung, in general traffic was good. Just some queue at highway construction area in Purwakarta and Plered.

Reached Bandung around 02:30 PM, they drove me to office.
Everyone was still there, except Robert.
I wasn’t in the mood for working, it’s end of day and it’s Saturday!
At night, Victor and me went for Black Coffee Bar, he’s promised to bring me there. It’s a nice place…just a little bit noisy.
Susan called, they just left the party, and asked us where to meet. Up to you, I said.

It’s weekend, it’s easier for my Visto to look for parking then their big car.
Thus, we went for Serabi Imut at Setiabudhi.
Man, the place was fully packed. Our orders were served 40 minutes after!
Then, we say goodbye and see you later.
Victor was still hungry, we stopped at hawker near my house, for a seafood. I didn’t eat anything…too full. Suddenly, a half drunk junkie came to our table, asking for ‘donation for Aceh’ saying things like ‘our friends are in sorrow, you should do something, give some money’. DAMN!!!! I couldn’t say a thing…I still can smell his alcoholic breath.

Then I went home, sleep…still thinking of that junkie, and maybe even hundreds or thousands people like that taking advantage on others’ grief.


Blogger sphinxku said...

i saw on the news today.
A chopper land in Aceh, dropping supplies.
The locals ran after it and started scrambling.
That was a sad image..
I hope they'll be fine soon...

12:41 PM  
Blogger sphinxku said...

one more thing, happy birthday and congratulations to your sweet mother! kiss kiss from me! :)

12:42 PM  

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