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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

ja..ja..ik ben terug...

Yesterday I just arrived in Bandung, through a quite long journey,
3 hrs [with extra half hour delay] flight, Makassar-Jakarta,
30 minutes waiting...
45 minutes bus from airport to train station, Gambir.
another wait for 30 minutes,
3,5 hrs by train to Bandung.
which finally I arrived around 6:00 PM.

Victor picked me up at station,
his family dinner was in the plan,
until a phone call came. the birthday girl had blister...dinner was cancelled..
woof...frankly, I was thankful...oh, not for the blister..ppplleeaasssee...but for the cancelation.

thus, we went for a relax dinner [ year dinner...we said] at 'Rumah Nenek' resto..
first was nice.

went back home, completely exhausted I plunged on my bed.

today is back-to-work day.
several miscommunication started the day, terrible..but we managed.
then just back from office, i wrote this blog...

puff...long day, but still ok...

feel a bit dizzy, I hope I won't catch cold.

het is altijd moeilijk goed te communiceren, wanneer de emotie en de logica worden gemengd


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