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Sunday, January 16, 2005

luie wormen

So difficult to wake up today.
Went to church at Pandu, it’s been a long time not having service at this church.
It’s in the neighbourhood of Victor’s childhood home.
After service, we bought Ambokueh for breakfast.
Completely a lazy day, I was lying in front of TV, switching between channels.
Having lunch at Pizza Hut, strolled for awhile at BSM.
Afterwards, stopped over at office, we did some cleaning.
O yes! We don’t have office boy, so we are owner plus…cleaning service.
Then here I am, updating my blog.
Soon I’ll off to bed, or maybe read abit of ‘Orang-orang Bloomington’ by Budi Darma.
Oops, just got SMS from Pak Jo, rescheduling meeting for Wednesday. Too bad I don’t have credit in my mobile, can’t reply for now…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sometimes that what you need: A LAZY DAY!
Enjoy it while you can..

- ce live

11:33 PM  

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