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Friday, January 07, 2005

terug naar me

It’s good to be back…
After two days curbed in bed, I feel alive again today.
Woke up felt abit better, I chose to be ready for the day.
Went to office, on the way I was still dizzy…but whatever.
Morning was bit hard for me…computer screen seems too bright.
Went home for lunch, I was almost tempted to go back to bed…
Luckily not,
Back to work, I said, then went for some vitamins, back to work,
And now I’m in my prime condition again!!!

It’s good to be Healthy, believe me~

Calling Pepper around midnight, it's her birthday.
Haven't talked to her since the last time she missed her flight to London, and left my door at Roland Holstlaan 209, after saying goodbye to me.
It was just like yesterday...

Gellukig Verjaardag, schatje!


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