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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

vermoeien rust

It wasn’t a good night sleep.
I kept awake half way, every one or two hours…
My phone rang on 6:30 AM.
Hello, did I wake you up?
Ach, it’s Mom…as usual, she is my morning call.
Anyway, I was half awake already—or even haven’t slept, maybe?
Her conversation was about usual things,
Yesterday, Mega—my cousin, she is a year younger than me—was proposed.
His boyfriend’s whole family came to ‘ask’ her…
Ugh..where was your conversation leading to, Mom?
Good for her, she must be happy, I said lightly…
I never keen to talk much about my cousin’s life.

Did some exercise, I was ready to work.
Got my car a general checkup;
Engine was adjusted for Premium from Pertamax…
Got it washed thoroughly, too.
It should be ready for my first time driving to Jakarta from Bandung alone, tomorrow.

Preparing things for tomorrow meeting with Pak Jo,
also list of work for Dimas.

Went home, reading sphinxku blogs…seeing her soaking in bathtub really make me envy!
Masa’ saya harus berendam di bak mandi? Hahahaha...
I promised my self, next time I build my ownhouse, it should be with bathtub installed.
He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles of his own—Aesop
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Blogger sphinxku said...

c'mon, bak mandi is fun, too!! :)
Bak Mandi actually look like Japanese style ofuro, it's deep and kinda square depends on the house I guess.

10:00 PM  

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