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Saturday, January 01, 2005

wesen jullie goedheid

Today is receiving email from old friends day.
Got email from Wolfgang, a German friend i met in Taize...
Hörfähigkeit von Ihnen ist immer nett
And another from Ivon, a strong girl I met in Delft...
I was wondering how she was doing, and voila...her email popped in.
She sounds fine, i'm glad to hear that.
Asli Von, gua seneng banget dapat email loe, akhirnya tau juga loe gimana kabarnya...
nanti balesnya pas udah di bandung ye..!

I wonder how's Sandy's doing as well...
and many other friends...which I've remembered within this day
well, no news means good news.

Hence, I just wish all the goodness follow all my good friends,
Though I haven't heard from most of them,
wish them well within this new year.


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