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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Sometimes when a person needs someone to talk with, there’s noone.
Then, don’t talk.
Blame noone.
It’s time to meditate


Email from Wolfgang, one of most expected emails in my mailbox.

…, how about coming here this summer so that I can show you around? I could make two weeks free and show you some nice places (apart from Heidelberg, which is cute but becomes boring soon for sightseers) and landscapes. And the Netherlands would certainly also be very happy to see you again.

As all Christians say: “Amen!”
Und Wolfgang, sind Sie immer mehr als das Willkommen, zum Ihrer Anzeigen in meinem blog!


Blogger sphinxku said...

heidelberg is boring???
I could feel somebody is fuming! hahaha~
Summer in Europe would certainly be nice..
how have you been lil miss?

2:02 AM  
Anonymous Wolfgang said...

Oh my god, what did I write?
Heidelberg is NOT boring. I love this city, since four years I'm living here now. But Heidelberg is SMALL (just 140000 inhabitants). After two days in Heidelberg you have seen all the important places. Heidelberg is a great place to live, but other cities are more exciting.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Nicky Lubis said...

You should definitely go! Amen!

10:54 AM  

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