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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jakarta Java Jazz Festival

Bring the world to Indonesia
That was the slogan of this event.
Well yes, it was international jazz festival.
We—Robert, Esti, Victor and me—only went on Friday, 4 March 2005

Aiming Laura Fygi, our goal was set.
We got the front row seats.
She was marvelous, completely enchanting.
I wish I could upload a short record of her performance that night.
Yet, I can only post her pictures.

Laura Fygi with Jan at saxophone

diamonds....are girl's best friend!

come come...wanna see my diamond?

She was singing, dancing, joking, talking to audience…
It was a complete performance.

From Let there be love to Jobim’s Corcovado and their band’s song Rhythm
She was even teased the camera while singing Diamonds are girl’s best friend fluently imitated Marilyn Monroe sexy lips and hip.
Pretending have to call her husband in Holland, she made an audience lent her a cellphone. Then she again animated another song…
Hard to describe, all I can say she IS fabulous.

Other than that were Deodato, Michelle Nicole [a clear voice mainstream singer, unfortunately got a very bad stage], Ruth Sahanaya and Eric Bennet, Elfa’s Bossas, and Tiempo Libre [it was the last performance at 00:30 AM!!]

elfa bossas

tiempo libre

Unfortunately I missed Tania Maria. The room with 500 seats were packed by more then 1500 people I think. Hard to breathe, I chosed to get out from the assembly room instead of get fainted.

But in general, it was wonderful,
despite poor soundsystem arrangement—Tiempo Libre played perfectly without monitor speakers!!

Party was over at 2:00 AM, Victor and I off to Bandung.
We reached Bandung whilst the sun rose.

Remind me of my 2003 birthday present from myself,
North Sea Jazz Festival companied by a good friend.
The difference is, this JJJF was without Sari,
thus I have no dancing freak partner to dance with latino tempo!


Anonymous nike said...

Cool, I like laura fygi also, but for us is much easier to see her performance here.

7:04 PM  

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