New Pages: Life is fragile.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Life is fragile.

Last night a friend was taken to hospital.
Us—some of his friends—were there.
A blood nerve in his left brain was ruptured.

According to his colleague, Laksmi:
It was afternoon, around 1:30 PM.
At university—he is a master student—he was sitting, reading a literature
All of sudden he started to tremble, the whole body was shaking.
He lost his consciousness.
Since then, he has been unconscious though the whole body still quivers.

A minute before, he was still OK
A day before, another friend still had meeting with him.
A week before, he sent me a SMS about a job opportunity.

Just a year younger then me, maybe was also in his quarter life crisis?

No one ever thought this would happen
No precaution…no nothing.

Life is so damn fragile.
..and it is not for us to hold.

Angga, kita semua berdoa loe cepat sehat lagi.
Keep on fighting, friend. Don’t give up!