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Friday, April 22, 2005

Cleaning Up

Since two days ago my house is painted. The whole interior is on project. Now the time is coming for my study room to be done, too. I was trying to pack all books—and knick knacks—in that room, and found out…it’s too much!
This house has been inhabited by 4 peoples before. My eldest sister, second sis, and my bro. Thus, thank to all their ‘inheritances’…which I feel as a trespasser to just throw them away. Now, after all those years, particularly after 2 years abandoning this house, I need to gather all my energy to clean this 3x4 metersquare room, make it ready for repainting.

I just successfully packed 3 boxes of books…only books. And there are still twenties—I hope—of them; exclude those old books from college...even highschool~
In addition to that, my bachelor degree final project maquette. Well yeah…too romantic to keep it, right? But everytime I remembered that it took me—plus Victor, Peggy and many other friends—2 sleepless night to build that, I feel so irresponsible to dump it.

Uh oh…

Victor once said that I am good in throwing useless things—believe me, he is much more nostalgic type on useless articles than me—but, still….

It might still 5 to 7 days ahead till this entire repainting project done.
Can’t wait to see the whole picture of my house…

The 50th Asian African Conference has started since today in Bandung. Government redecorated streetscapes along the route where those leaders will do the sightseeing.
Well in one way it is nice, some part of Bandung all of sudden became extra clean, unfortunately 70% others are still neglected…
Better not rain, otherwise they will see how badly our entire drainage system.

I found this picture done by Moga, entitled Patchwork Market...
those colors just enchant me~!


Blogger Natalia said...

sorry sis for all those garbage :P we left that house and our garbage stayed there.. btw, my love letters still there, kan?? jangan dibuang yaaa..

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tolong dong text book ku jangan dibuang. catatan ku juga yang dari jaman kuliah. terutama yang transportasi. pleaseeeeee... :)

4:38 AM  

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