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Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Driver

It is now a week with blocked nose.
Yet I still survived to be my Mom’s private driver in Jakarta…and in Bandung too.
No frowning face thou, I enjoyed my 4 days full of driving in Jakarta.

1st day:
from Bandung to Jakarta, stopped by Taman Anggrek, indulged myself in not-expensive hair salon, just to make me look fresher. I need that, after 4 hrs driving with blocked nose and ears. Then off for a meeting at Universitas Tarumanegara.

2nd day:
picked up my Mom at airport, around 8:15 her plane landed. Then, directly to Serpong, to see my uncle, mom’s 5th brother. Afterwards, we went to Mangga dua, still nice, since I was driving for the 1st time to that place, it’s always amazing to explore new routes. Accompanying my Mom do her purchasing means more then 2 hours strolling around.
Around 17:00 we off to Nat’s house at Puri Kembangan, believe me, I really understand now what they say as ‘live on the street’.
Thanks to the technology called ‘mobile phone’ otherwise I might have lost my way!

3rd day:
slower…we went for the exhibition of food and beverages. We means: my Mom, me, my uncle and aunty, another aunty, and 3 cousins. Later my sis, Nat, joined us.
Nat left earlier; rest of us continued to have fully-decorated-12-flavors-ice cream at Café Batavia in Jakarta Kota.

4th day:
left to Bandung, but first we visit my Dad’s 2nd sister at Perumahan Kosambi, then off to Serpong. On the way to Bandung—using a newly found route through Highway Bintaro—we stopped by several shop houses…Mom was looking for nice places to buy…as if…
Route to Bandung was clear, fortunately. We reached Bandung around 17:00
I really enjoyed my driving days

Mom is always a mom, and Daughter is always a daughter, no matter how old you are. If you know what I mean.