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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back to Childhood imagination

I always love children story books. Particularly those classics.
I bought myself a Baum classics, Wizards of Oz.
While reading I got subtle memory of the movie, where I remember the scene where Dorothy met the Wicked Witch who collected girl heads, where she wore it just like people wearing clothes, she could change and choose the heads according to occasions.

Yet I couldn’t find it in this book I bought. Was it in my dream or maybe they’ve censored that part considering violent?

Nevertheless I still overwhelmed by those imaginations, traveling companions of scarecrow, tinman and a lion…

After finish it, I noticed how many philosophy in life Baum has inserted in this book.
Yet that is not my point for now…since I don’t wanna be sounded edgy

Well…I might re-read it once again…

…let us go to the Emerald City