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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Fuiste Tú by Charlie Haden in background
[birthday present from OQ after a long talk at Daily Bread]

Finally I finished Shanghai Baby of Wei Hu, after months of delay since I left it behind at Santhi’s living room in Singapore last December.
What to say…
At the beginning it was extraordinary, yet later on I found it a bit too much and exaggerated.
Nevertheless, it sounds like author’s life story, if it is…she is sad, maybe for some people it is disturbing

I can’t say it is a good book neither a bad one.
In a way some of Coco’s passions are in all ambitious independent wanna be women. It can scare some of them out, or convince them that they are on the right track.

At the end she questioned her identity, just as Kundera did in most of her novel, making his main characters confusing themselves with their personifications.

Maybe that what always happen to those who in search of their aims, futures and…identity? Some people say it is urban culture, whatever it is, I find it sad.

I pity Coco—or those who may in her shoes—for she has created her own nightmares, where in chapter 29 [and in all chapters] keep revisiting her, conscious or unconsciously.

This book might not spectacular, but leaves a deep impression…sometimes too many metaphors, but maybe it is her styles…

I leave the judgment to you…


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