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Sunday, July 31, 2005

that's life

Finished two books this weekend.
Contradictive in ways of seeing past and future
Arundhati Roy in her ‘God of Small Things’ shows all the multiplied effects of past experiences in her main characters, Rahel and Estha. beauties of childhood innocence incorporated with bitterness of life. Some conditions are indispensable; love, lust, adultery, social classes, politics…those built adults Rahel and Estha. The first has problem in relationship, the latter is locked in his quiet life, losing his capability to express words.

It doesn’t leave strong impression in me, may be since it was the translated version
the translator seems difficult to express all details in it the problem of our language?

The second book is by Mitch Albom: Tuesdays with Morrie, a true story.
Also a translated version, I got it today from a book rentplace.
they offer not many choices*
He writes down his last courses with Morrie, a professor from his university 16 years ago.
A beautiful piece—better then his “Five Peoples You Meet in Heaven
Not recommended for those who hates emotions and sweetness of life.

I feel as if just met two different characters face to face...interesting.


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