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Saturday, August 06, 2005

[healthy] karaoke

that was request of Sachiyo, our expert in GIS and landuse planning.
Well, I agree...I told her I know a place called "Happy Puppy" chain family karaoke place.
We talked it over lunch last friday, with Tsuge san and Higashi san...
*no, I can't
* Tsuge san replied with regretted face
*as you know...* he addressed that to Sachiyo.
Later I knew that he promised other team member [uhm..a lady] to escort her to a party.
* know Yuli, Mr. Tsuge is always happy to escort Ms. Ishiwata*
Sachiyo is a kind that always pulls other's leg...

[after a study team meeting, with hard debate between Sachiyo and Ms. Ishiwata...]

*Yuli, tonite is set. Tsuge san has cancelled his appointment*
with teasing face...

[I was rushing here and there to collect some documents I've promised for Sachiyo, she needs to update her mapping, Tsuge san came]

*Has Takata san told you?* Takata san is Sachiyo
*oh yes...what's happened with THE party?*
*I said NO*
hehehe..with evil face... something wrong with Ms. Ishiwata?

[we decided to invite Mr. Okada to join us...he is my boss, our boss]

*Yuli, you told him* Tsuge san is throwing responsibility!
*NOOOOO You do it!*

[whispering, he told Mr. Okada over the plan, listen this...]

*oh btw, it is a HEALTHY Karaoke*
huahahahahahhaha......HEALTHY means without escort ladies [got my point?]

so after that, all set, meet up at Comfort Hotel on 8 PM then off to Happy Puppy.

[room 22]
Mr. Okada ordered mostly Indonesian songs, no wonder he speaks nearly perfect Indonesian!
He has nice voice too.
*maybe you can change career bout joining Indonesian Idol*
*ahhhh....AFI will be great*

AFI is somekind of talent show, just like Indonesian Idol

Tsuge san is kind of serious guy...but with microphone in his hand....he becomes different person!
Since he speaks Mandarin, he sang mostly chinese songs...

Sachiyo joined most of all songs....

I lost my voice, after "I Will Survive"

oh....another team member was there, too. Go Kimura, but he was extra quiet that sometimes I forgot he was there *oopsie*

[2 hrs passed]

*hei it's stopped*
*add another hour*
* long as you promise to drop me first before return to hotel*

we would go home with taxi, I don't prefer to use taxi alone at nite in Indonesia.

it was fun, amazingly I could see there's something between Tsuge san and Sachiyo...
yeah rite, Sachiyo was teasing Tsuge over Ishiwata issue...hehe...somehow I found them just like my highschool friends hehehe...

Those Japanese...they were so different at nite!

[00:15 AM]
*sometimes HEALTHY Karaoki is good, but I need UNHEALTHY one, too*
that was Tsuge san remarked before we left room 22.

finished the Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo...children story, beautiful.


Blogger Natalia said...

now i ask you back: how could you go until midnite, and our beloved parents didn't say anything?
tell me, tell me, tell meeeee!!!!!

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