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Monday, August 29, 2005

that is also fine

guess what i've just finished reading last nite.
Harry Potter: the Half Blood Prince.
I've never into Harry Potter before, until I went to Dallas in January last year, had nothing else to do, we [parents and me] watched my sister's Harry Potter movies collection.

and just two or three weeks ago, Sachiyo left the book on my table. A present she said.
Thus after being left idle for some weeks, finally I read this book.

so I the only thing I remember is Dumbledore, Snape [thou I only remember how he looks like, and who actually he is], of course Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Well is no longer children story. The last two chapters in fact are freaky! Rowling's description on Inferi are too details, and the way Snape avada kadavra-ing Dumbledore is too much.


not recommended for under age children


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