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Friday, September 02, 2005

imagination day

today is Isra Mi'raj, a moslem holiday in our country.
after a bad night sleep, I decided to make my day.
Brought my Mom for a hair do around 9 AM
on the way home I passed Odiva, a chain video rental on Sultan Hasanuddin.
It is not cheap, but anyway... I'm to lazy to stroll around on pirated DVDs.
Chose several title, I went back and start to watch.

First: Bridget Jones' Diary (1 & 2)...what a laugh, I remember a friend of mine during her 'single without boyfriend phase' was so influenced by this movie...too bad, it sells too much dreams. Nevertheless it is still a good mood lifter.~seeing Reneé Zellweger in that size, really convince me to watch my weight...hehe...
Next: Banyu Biru (indonesian movie) a long and slow plot, just a bit surprising when he woke up and realized it was a dream...
and just now I finished Finding Neverland a really beautiful piece on Peter Pan in the making.
I love Depp in this movie, I can't wait to see him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, specially it is also a Tim Burton movie, I expect something marvelous just like Big Fish.
After Edward the Scissorhands and this I suppose Jhonny Depp is committed to movies of imaginations.

I wonder if I should rent some more tomorrow...will pass by and see...


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