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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Series of Unfortunate Days

Not of mine, those were of a colleague of mine.
I knew him as a person that always tries to make things well-controlled.
Won’t leave the office without clean-up his table (even for lunch) and put everything on the right position.
Checking twice (or even more) all the assignments he has delegated to others.
Writing really slow and carefully.
Double (or triple) check when he is doing payroll.
I accused him to be ‘obsessive compulsive’ –sure he denies it.
Until these last few days…

I don’t really say he haS days of bad luck…it sounds like a bad wishes.
But some people see things that way.

Mouse didn’t work.
Left his laptop outside the office. (not unfortunate enough to lose the laptop with all financial reports, our upcoming workshop report, and other important files)
Scolded by boss for being late for dinner
Failed with some computer programs
Lost his spec’s screw…

Well, those unfortunate days may haunt some people, you or even me (knocking woods)
Some say it is lowest end of your biological rhythm.
Some superstitious mention it might one’s worst zodiac day.
Believers will say it’s sign from God to pay more attention on your surroundings.
I said, he just didn’t have morning shower.

Just like New Orleans.
After hit by huge storm before, another storm has changed her mind to pass by Houston and switched to New Orleans.
Houston population have been evacuated to other places of Texas, Dallas is—city where my sister is—one of evacuations destinations.
The sad part is, those unfortunate events come when ones are not ready.

Sure there are also days of fortunes.

Not of mine—thou I always wish for good days—
but of Tim van Vrijaldenhoven, call him Tim (simple compare to his family name) A Dutch guy I knew thru some accidents when I was in Netherlands.
Anyway, last Thursday he went online and “Hei Yuli!”
It’s not usual for him to beep me thru MSN—normally this Tchim status always ‘away’.
I suppose he has something really good that he beeped me.
Hi! How’s life?
Good and not good, ankle is hurt after indoor soccer this afternoon. It is now as big as two ankles (oh ok, one for the unfortunate)
So how about the good one?
Well, I got some money from Delft.
Nope, it’s something I don’t know how to explain. They said I am the best graduate..
Oh wow!!!
500 euro…
Woohoo…that’s something.
And, another thing, I get a job with Swiss Company in Shanghai.
Another woohoo!

Well, those are just 2 goodnews from him.
Weeks ago, he told me about his thesis will be published by 010 publisher-Rotterdam (quite wellknown design and architecture books publisher), and his final thesis was perfect (score:9)

So it seems all the galaxy is aiming to you!
Yeah, isn’t it good fortune?
Well, you’ve been working hard, you deserve it.

Hmm…the last sentence was partly sincere. I know he worked hard, but most people are working hard too, yet not always as fortunate as him. Aren’t we?

So fortune and unfortunate people I met this week.
Coincidences? Nee, I don’t believe in coincidences.
All events on this earth are with purposes. Hugest or slightest, they have aims.

Good and bad. How about me?

My days were mostly ok. Being blessed as usual, but with very bad temper *shame* I should admit.
That colleague of mine has tasted my bad temper, and I hope it is not accounted as one of his unfortunates.

But above all, some of my wishes were come true.
Just two days ago I wish I got news from old friends, and I got two.
Tim and Theresa Mo—two unconnected persons.

Good to know that I’m still considered worth to remembered.
It is a good feeling.
I just wonder where Wolfgang has gone.
Haven’t heard anything from him.
But Ina always says: no news mean good news.

Bubbly as ever, I shall stop my blog for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

got a 9.5 actually ;)

It was nice to find my name on the internet....on your blog

Again, so nice to hear your voice again on my birthday :)
It really brightened my day!


P.S. I'm not always lucky he!

5:50 AM  

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