New Pages: Soekarno Hatta Airport, Terminal 1A 5:46:49 AM

Monday, September 19, 2005

Soekarno Hatta Airport, Terminal 1A 5:46:49 AM

Taking earliest flight, I’m off from Jakarta to Makassar, directly to work.
Yesterday was Mega’s wedding, my cousin from Mom’s brother.
People said that yesterday (18 September 2005) was the best day throughout this year to hold a wedding. Yet still a surprise to see so many wedding cars in parking lots at Mercure Hotel Jakarta. My sis, Nat, said there were about 15 of them!
In the afternoon when we went for hairstyling, it was sooo difficult to find a vacant salon. Same reason, too much clients—which would attend wedding party too, just like us.

I should have taken a snap of those brides moving here and there at the lobby of Mercure Hotel, since the elevator were jammed by people, there are long q at Elevator Hall—not exception for brides!

Now, I’m still half sleepy. I bet I’ll be late for office, and it’s Monday.
I think I have no assignment left behind before departing for Jakarta last Thursday, so it won’t be a hectic day (crossing fingers)

Purchased a book, Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, I’ve been so motivated to read that book after watching Rani’s short movie based on that book.

About Rani (Ariani Darmawan), she is one of an extraordinary lady. A cinema artist. I saw her on Cosmopolitan Indonesia September 2005 edition, as Fun Fearless Female while having my hair done at salon yesterday. Was stunned and even checked twice. She is just looked as she is…thanks goodness, considering Cosmopolitan is kinda fashion magazine that won’t mind to do her a makeover.

My flight will off soon, and that means I should get back to work.

おはよ ございます Indonesia!


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