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Monday, September 26, 2005

Wicker Park Rules!

It was weekend with movies again.
I borrowed 3 movies, but just managed to finish 2 of them.
One is Wicker Park, the other one is Birth.

I love Wicker Park. Yes, with cool soundtrack perfects the movie.
It is just some usual love story, with doubts, passions, envies, and unwise decisions.
Yet it is not a usual romance movie.
Since the movie started I had several conclusions where this story would go, and none of them were rights, and I should change them in 2/3 of the story.
The plots (I don’t think it has only one plot) are so thick, that it was difficult for me to take a pause.
It is no heavy movie, not even try to be one.
The actors are good, I should admit I never really know where have they played before, I think the main character Josh Harnett was in a TV series, but I’m not sure.
When it comes to end, I thought it’s going to be another Hollywood style ends, thou yes a bit.
But, it runs so fast with sudden thrilled moment that you (at least me) never think would come.
I won’t explain the end; it’s a sin for those who haven’t watched.

Afterwards I medley with Birth.
I should have watched this first before Wicker Park, to reduce disappointment.
This time a Nicole Kidman movie. I’ve seen her movies recently (Stepford Wives and The Interpreter) and they were good. So I thought, “well maybe this is gonna be good, too”
Well, it is not.
A heavy movie wanna be, but becomes boring and lousy one…at least for me.

The story is so linear, there is neither up nor down, just drop dead flat.
Boring, boring, boring.

Anyway…having headache after the 2nd movie, off I go.


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