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Monday, October 31, 2005


ladies, what if your boyfriend costs more body treatments than you?

HAIR Don't think of it as another dang thing to wash, think of it as your crowning achievement. A top stylist can match your looks with your locks, and tell you how to maintain order between oil changes.
  • Haircut with highlights $200
  • Hair wax from Gatsby $7

EYES The mirrors of the soul can flash mixed signals. Make sure yours say, "I'm youthful, detail-oriented, and have two perfectly symmetrical eyebrows."

  • Moisturizing treatment to reduce puffiness and crow's feet $60
  • Eyebrow trimming kit from Shiseido $13

FACE Because death masks tend to startle the living, you'll make a better impression if you minimize the damage caused by years of neglect and overexposure to the elements. Do we have to say it again? Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate. And if that doesn't work, spackle over intransigent defects and surprise eruptions with foundation or concealer.

  • One-hour facial $95
  • Hydrating lotion by Shiseido Men $26
  • Foundation by Somang $16

BACK Hey, hey, we're not monkees! Have those hairy, overgrown grounds on your pecs and delts "manscaped."

  • Hair removal $60

CLOTHES Not since disco days have men had so much sartorial leeway. Skim fashion mags for ideas, seek out a personal shopper, but stay within your comfort zone. Clothes are supposed to make you feel confident, not embarrassed.

  • Leather wolf-fur jacket by Versace $6,147
  • Silk patterned shirt by Versace $643
  • Mock croc belt by Versace $203
  • Zipper pants by Versace $779

HANDS A German once said that "God is in the details."He probably had pristine cuticles.

  • Manicure $50

ACCESSORIES An outfit without bling is like a Mercedes without a hood ornament.

  • Silver necklace and rings $140

FEET Women judge men by their shoes, which seems shortsighted (why are they looking down there, anyway?). But if you are a wingtips-on-workdays, sneakers-on-weekends guy, you are, in fact, boring. Step out in something new. And keep those toenails from protruding!

  • Mid-calf boots from Gucci $702
  • Pedicure $65

GRAND TOTAL: $9,206 (thank you very much..!)

from In The Salon by Bryan Walsh (TIMEasia)

*I am more convinced to pamper myself this weekend*


Blogger D. Tunas said...

Hehehe Jason banget nggak sih

9:51 PM  
Blogger Natalia said...

I like guys who care with their looks. Look a bit metrosexual, that's ok lah.. But.. spend this much?? Ouchhh! Better you watch carefully. Is he the real metrosexual or bisexual???

5:51 PM  
Blogger sphinxku said...

ck ck ck.. and I thought I was high maintenance.
I prefer my man to be slightly barbaric so people could distinguish who the lady of the house is!

6:25 AM  

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