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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Singapore Documentations

10.10.2005. Day Time. Visiting Elders at Jervois Rd.

11.10.2005. Day Time. Kiung's Bday at Jervois Rd.

Top: Cie Lily, Bday Cake from Furama Hotel, Piao Ie Pie Chen and Akiu Oe
Middle: Papi & Cie Wenny, Birthday Banner, Polonaising
Bottom: Piao Ie Saw Pie and Mom, Kimma Kiung, Piao Ie Pie Ing & Kiung

12.10.2005. Day Time. NUS.

met Mr. JW. The best teacher still.
Had lunch with some other friends...(Imran, Erika, Eko, JW)
having a coffee to go.
and here where I got to know with this cute little invention to carry your coffee to go.
Originally Singaporean , JW said.

13.10.2005. Day Time. Arab Street.

Lunch at Maemunah. I have never had cheap lunch in Singapore before. This is good.
Interested? You can go directly to Jl. Pisang, Arab street area.

Santhi ordered to go for Eko. the foods are superduperdelicious! Maemunah RULES!

13.10.2005. Night Time. Le Meridien Basement.
Updating each other with our most recent stories. Well, maybe in between them they've updated. They now live in Singapore, work and being housewife. Sanny in her 7th mo pregnancy. She still looks chic as usual. They happy husband still as notorious as before haha...I mean he couldn't help keep teasing his wife. They look happy.
Fanfan just broke up, well, but he has all the potentials for being an eligible lady killer (haha)

It was good laughs with you guys!

L-R: Ina, Sanny (a mom to be!!), Indra, me, Lisa, Ardi, Fan-fan

this is the eligible single oriental male with income and manner.

...but purchased two BRIDES mags??? what tha..

14.10.2005. Night Time. Santhi's and Eko's.
I've promised I'll cook them dinner before I left.
Thus Risotto with seafood was the menu.
one of Eko's collection was opened. "Las Vascos" a chilean wine. Baron de Roschild

Afterwards, my sweet tongue was craving for dessert.
Thus Santhi and me went down to the shop @ basement looking for ice cream and anything that can make good dessert. I picked chocolate Pocky.

It was normal ice cream with pocky and Porto...yumm...

look at Yudi's begging face with eyes on Pocky hahahaha....

15.10.2005.Early Morning. off to Indonesia.
I have no snapshot during the return trip. Too lazy.
Got myself beancurd for breakfast I rush to immigration and found good place to seat and having my beancurd.
Starting to miss them.
Here is picture of Tirta, Santhi's and Eko's 2nd boy.


Blogger sphinxku said...

pictures!! pictures!! finally! :)

4:29 AM  
Blogger sphinxku said...

Talking about Maemunah, there is one in Jl. Sulawesi (near Tentara Pelajar if I'm not mistaken). They have really good Rawon! And cheap as well. I used to order delivery from them when I part-timed at my dad's office. Yum yum~

Ooh, I'm drooling..

2:37 AM  
Blogger Rani said...

teganyaaaaa ga menghubungi gue ama sekali ihik ihik ihik. kan loe bloen ktemu anak gueeeee

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