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Monday, October 03, 2005

Weekend Thoughts

Temper Switch
If you are ‘your own self’ does it mean you own all your inner and outer entities?
Body and soul,
Emotion and logic,
Thoughts and acts?
Is it something like having an on-off emotional/biological switch that is completely under your authority?

Better Job
Define it, please.
Higher salary? Good working environment? Enjoyable assignment? Completely new place? Travelling all around the world?

Choices or no-choice
Which one do you prefer most?
Choices with only one way ticket.
No-choice…no further explanation needed

Is it really a critical age for female?
If a female choose to embark on another life at this ‘critical age’
Is there any possibility to be back to the comfort zone?

How can you get and maintain it forever?
--without being accused as a snob.

Simple word, most unlikely to be performed.

Boys Don't Cry for bedtime story.
Not a wise decision...good movie, wrong time.


Blogger sphinxku said...

eeek!! your thoughts came down to one word: frustration.

here are my thoughts:
*temper switch: ideally, yes to all of the above. i must say it is quite a challenge because there are obviously influences from your surroundings, etc.. etc..
To be able to make a decision that you can live with and responsible with your own action are 2 things that contribute to 'your own self'.
Ih, I don't make any sense, do I?
The topic is too broad.. *excuses.. excuses..*
*better job: as long as you enjoy what you do, compensated accordingly, and hopefully leads you to your goal, then nothing else should matter, don't you think?
*choices or no choice: ? you mean decide or undecide? or just have so many options to choose from vs. have 1 or no choice at all? I don't think there is a choice with 1-way ticket.. Whatever you choose to do, will bring to another end with more choices to go. It won't stop at just one end, unless you choose to die.
*30 is not a critical age, unless you have a chronic illness and the doctor say you only have until 30! You just happened to be in an old fashioned place. As for the comfort zone, you are the only one who can create that for yourself no matter what age.
*confidence: you gotta build it yourself. Eh, there is a big difference between being confident and being a snob. Confident = you know what you are talking about. Snob is just plain vulgar, doesn't necessarily have the knowledge.
*focus: unlikely to be performed? I'm lost...

Capung, you are amazing.
I have no doubt, you will be good at whatever choose to do.
My best wishes to you.

psst.. psst.. those are plainly my opinions..

10:44 AM  
Blogger sphinxku said...

eh, kayaknya commentnya sama panjang dengan postingnya.. oops.. sorry..

10:45 AM  
Blogger Capung Tan said...

no worries honey, I always love your comment, vibrant and refreshing!

2:29 PM  

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