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Monday, December 19, 2005

what a week

Remembered one told me: Not everything shall be spoken out. That is why God creates mind...
ouch! hurts...

This week our office is a bit upside down. The team leader is highly demanding person. All sector papers were coloured with his red ink.
I have to compile and reformat all of those sector studies
(I wish あつし was here, he used to these things, now I have to do it. ありがとう ございます ふじのさん!)

anyway...14 sector studies, some were submitted in pretty much last minute.
Mr. O's face had been stiff for more then a week. Mr. K's was even worse. Mr. AW was much better... me? I am the person in between...what do you think?

At the beginning of the week I planned to decorate xmas tree on saturday, voila...i was ended up in office with severe cough and annoying migrain. I went to kios bubur on Jalan Sangir, I felt much better. Off I went to home, hup a pain killer, 1 hr sleeping. Wake up and again to the copyshop...

I thank this copyshop lady, Ani, who managed to arrange everything almost perfect. (after a day before an irresponsible colleague of her abandoned the report for 6 hrs after I submitted at 9:30 AM)

Pingping called me asking about the plan to go for Jazz Concert ( I saw the promotion banners on the way to copyshop, thinking I need some cultural shot I called her and she agreed to join )
I told her I'll think it over, coz i might have to pick up the rest of the report at night.
Mr. AW was there, in fact he would like to join us to the concert.
Don't worry, Mr. O will pick the report up...
So it was settled, on 8 PM at Menara Makassar.

8:30 PM at Menara Makassar. Only Mr. AW, Ping Ping and me.
No would be started at 10!!!
oh no...
I ordered a beer. And we looked for a couch.
each ticket got 2 packs of cigarettes and 1 free ticket for soft drink (coke or beer too bad)
None of us is smoking...
I was bored
So bored that Mr. AW started to look for tricks to fill the boring air.
(believe me...he is my boss!)

10 PM. First band started to play.
Blues Fresh if i'm not mistaken...darn....not even blues.
Mr AW said the lead singer trying to be mick jagger...
Ping Ping was so annoyed by the imbalance mixing.
We almost left the place...

10:30 PM. Second band. Blui.
This time is much better. At least the saxophonist and the singer is good
They play quite well, although still imitating other styles (even the singer...she improvised exactly as Alicia Key does...!)

11 PM. After the 2nd band, I decided to leave. Left Mr. AW to enjoy the rest of the performance...
Ping-ping and I shared stories we haven't heard for long...

I went back home. musics on the radio were much better then what i have to buy ticket for.
Anyway...nothing wrong for that. At least I can see the otherside of a person.

I can't wait for xmas...and holiday and trip to bandung...

soon I'll get my 3 weeks holiday.