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Friday, February 03, 2006


I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.. or the day after.
All I know is today.
I wish I live my life at the fullest.
For today not for yesterday nor tomorrow.

Have u ever detached your dreams from your worries?
Your hopes from your fears?

Breath in breath out.
To feel the air surround me
The sounds, the movement the weather.
To embrace what I have today, this hour, this very second.

Should I be scared of what will happen tomorrow?
Will I open my eyes in the morning
Will I still breath
Will I still speak, walk, taste, see..?
Will I still have my love ones?
Will I be alive?

All I know now I am alive.

But still…I know that I haven’t live at the fullest.

Can you answer why God creates fears?
Why there is down before up?
Why there is uncertainty?
Why one has to ask why?

Why we don’t know what will be tomorrow?

Wishing Mr. Okada to get well soon. We need you here.